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Road Safety Worldwide

On: Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 12:38PM | By: Geoff Ciesla

Road Traffic Accidents test 2

Next Generation Healthcare has an infographic depicting the number of traffic accidents around the globe from the Global Status Report by WHO this year. While infograghics are interesting, and often times informative, there seem to be some flaws with this graphic. The colors in this chart are poor. It would appear to some that the colors distinguish different territories and continents. Even though Greenland has been politically associated with Europe, it is physiographically a part of the continent of North America. As is the same with Europe and Russia, for Russia is not a part of Europe. In addition, most countries in Europe are not low income countries.

It must be coincidence that Africa and North America had exactly 234,768 vehicle- related fatalities.

Toyota Attempting To Block Executive Testimony

On: Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 11:48AM | By: John Welch

Toyota Attempting To Block Executive Testimony test 1-1

LLCoolT! The Lawyers Love Cool Toyota! Toyota has dug such a bottomless pit for themselves, that even instances where it is hard to believe that the Toyota vehicle caused a death, and not driver error, acquire nasty headlines like "Toyota Attempting To Block Executive Testimony!!!" I mean, I'm sorry, Toyota; I tend to side with you on this one, but that is the headline because that is what's happening.

So, just the facts, Friday. A 78-year-old woman, Guadalupe Alberto, was driving a 2005 Toyota Camry when it accelerated out of control, veering towards and smashing into an oak tree, killing Mrs. Alberto instantly. This happened in Flint, Michigan in April of 2008. The family is attempting to take Toyota to the cleaners.

Uhm, well, no offense, but the elderly may have mistaken a gas pedal for a brake pedal once or twice over the course of American history. That being said, Tough Rocks, Toyota! You sold cars that thrash, kill, and maim, youse got's dis come'n!

Ganassi Takes The Miami Grand Prix At Homestead

On: Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 1:57PM | By: John Welch

Grand Prix of Miami test 2

Germany had a small civil war on the track at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Saturday. Scott Pruett was able to hold off David Donohue by .255 seconds- Pruett, behind the wheel of a BMW-powered Riley, and Donohue piloting a Porsche-powered Riley.

"This is tough competition. You never know what's going to happen until the checkered flag falls. It was pretty exciting in my seat, that's for sure. I sure didn't want to see that last caution, but I was happy for the fans," Pruett said after scoring his 23rd Rolex Series overall victory.

The caution he speaks of dissolved a healthy lead Pruett had put together, bringing the #59 Brumos Porsche right up to Pruett's wing. Pruett managed to weave through GT traffic in the infield on the final lap and maintained the lead through the superspeedway banking. Donohue was able to pull up to the back of Pruett several times in the closing laps, but was unable to get by. Alex Gurney finished third in the #99 Gainsco-Riley Chevrolet. Overall, another awesome race conducted under the banner of "Grand-Am"!

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Geneva Auto Showzen, Pt.1

On: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 12:46PM | By: John Welch

Porsche 918 Sports-Hybrid test 2

Willya stop it with the Hybrids already?! The auto industry has been pumping out Hybrid vehicle after Hybrid vehicle for the past few months, and it is making Canada and me sick to our stomachs. These things aren't viable, we all know that; none of them will be on the road by 2018, so willya just effing quit it already? Has anyone heard of the Nissan Leaf? Or Fisker Karma? Or the Honda FCX?

While I am absolutely sick of Hybrids, and the Geneva Auto Show was absolutely rife with them, there were some interesting concepts displayed in the halls of the Geneva Palexpo. Audi debuted an A1 Hybrid, whose gas-o-propulsions arrive via a single-rotor Wankel. Interesting.

So, there were some hits and some misses. You may not agree, but this is what I think are the most significant Belles and Duds of the 2010 Geneva Motor Show . . .


Geez, Post Recall Problems Plauge Toyota

On: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 12:49PM | By: John Welch

Geez, Post Recall Problems Plauge Toyota test 1-1

Toyota, Toyota, Toyota, if it's not fixed, please don't give it back to us! Otherwise, the negative press might ensure that Ford overtakes you as the most popular car maker in America by the end of 2010. Count on it, Toyota; we may not be very bright, but we will rise against anything foreign that might be killing us. Remember Chinese lead? MMMmmm-hmmm, we do . . .

Shortening Yellow Lights Equal Wads Of Cash For Their Coffers

On: Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 6:13PM | By: Clay Ritchings

Shortening Yellow Lights Equal Wads Of Cash For Their Coffers test 1-1

According to AlterNet, some of the more enterprising and caring cities of the United States are using their rather large craniums to increase the revenues they accrue from red-light cameras. Are they placing out of work strippers around the traffic signals to distract drivers and encourage a little extra accelerator pressure? No, these bigheaded politicians have been shortening yellow lights to nab drivers with tickets at the expense of public safety

Mopar Releases Meanest Challenger Yet, Uhm, From Mopar Itself Anyway

On: Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 1:40PM | By: John Welch

Mopar Releases Meanest Challenger Yet, Uhm, From Mopar Itself Anyway test 1-1

One of the problems with America is that we just can't accept a good thing and then leave it well enough alone. Mopar (Dodge, whatever) has seen its darling baby, the Challenger, hacked to pieces by every tuner from the reputable, Hennessey and Steve Saleen, to the less than reputable.

So, just like last year, Dodge has decided to produce a limited run of 'Drag-Pack' Challengers. Perfect mod's for a slightly hampered muscle car? Or total waste of money and engineering effort? You be the judge, inside the post . . .

Toyota Recall Companion Pt. 3: What Akio Had To Say

On: Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 2:51PM | By: John Welch

Toyota Recall Companion Pt. 3: What Akio Had To Say test 1-1

Mark McGwire was a hell of a baseball player. On the field, he was unstoppable. In court, not so much. Same with Roger Clemens. Testifying just wasn't their bag. How about Akio Toyoda? How did he fare against the awkward jabs and sideways questions presented to him on Capitol Hill?

Enter the post, and decide for yourself . . .

Toyota Recall Companion Pt. 2: The Mighty List

On: Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 4:30PM | By: John Welch

Recalled Avalon test 2

Today Akio Toyoda is in Washington D.C., getting lambasted by the board of GM, err, the US government. We will have a complete report on what was said under the hot lights of the Capitol building, but for the moment we want to make sure that we all know exactly what Toyota vehicles might be disastrously unsafe to drive. The Mighty List, located inside yon post . ..

Ferrari Kicks The Wounded While They're Down

On: Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 1:45PM | By: John Welch

Ferrari Kicks The Wounded While They're Down test 1-1

Man, Ferrari is an Italian company? Really?! You would never know it based on the complete lack of class they like to display on their blog "The Horse Whisperer" (GAY!). They have made it their business to post a blog that basically eviscerates the four new teams, labeling them everything from soon-to-be 'loyal-vassals' (Campos) to 'Serbian Vultures' which refers to the 5th team, Stefan GP. Youch.

Ferrari, if you have the stones to post this rant, then the 'Shopper will just have to reprint it. Good thing the last paragraph is very astute . ..

Toyota Recall Companion Pt. 1: Is Your Camry Trying To Eat You?

On: Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 10:19AM | By: John Welch

Toyota Recall Companion Pt. 1: Is Your Camry Trying To Eat You? test 1-1

Wow, Toyota, people say that we Americans learned a lot from you, but it appears that you have also taken a few lessons from us. Like the joy that can be gained from abject greed. Or how easily our government can be manipulated for the sake of pure evil. What's the death toll up to again? 30 some-odd Americans?

We will lay out everything there is to know about the Toyota recall over the course of these posts, starting with the newest updates from Toyota.