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Tips For Teaching Your Teenager To Be A Safe Drive

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 4:40PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Tips For Teaching Your Teenager To Be A Safe Drive test 1-1

The incidence of fatalities in teenagers involved in motor-vehicle accidents has decrease by as much as 69% in areas where a curfew has been established and enforced. Most parents are interested in how they can help their teen to become a safer driver, but may not know exactly how to go about it.

According to a spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for the NHTSI, National Highway Traffic Safety Institute, most teens are able to steer and maneuver the car without problems; the difficult part for them is observing the scene, learning to predict danger, and developing the ability to make correct decisions quickly.

Safety experts across the country are advocating for licensing programs that permit young drivers to gradually gain driving experience in three stages; the first stage would be receiving a permit, supervised driving would be the second stage, followed by a restricted driving stage that would allow young drivers to gain a specific number of hours of experience before getting out on the road to drive alone.

Here are some tip to enable you to successfully teach your teens to drive safely;

Mother Gives Birth While Driving

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 3:57PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Mother Gives Birth While Driving test 1-1

Everyone has heard stories of women delivering babies in the car on the way to the hospital—old news, right? Well, here’s a new local news story that beats them all! A Minnesota woman delivered a baby last week on the way to the hospital—while driving her Chevy Cobalt! She was racing to the hospital with baby’s father—who apparently was unable to drive due to a medical disorder—and according to a statement by the father in the local newspaper "she yelled 'quick, grab the wheel'.”

The baby’s father, Joseph Phillips, reportedly took the steering wheel while Amanda McBride, the mom to be, delivered the newborn—at the same time as she controlled the accelerator and brake in an attempt to speed to the hospital.

The couple considered pulling over to the side of the road to call an ambulance after the baby was delivered, but decided to turn up the heater in the car and drive the rest of the way into the local medical center themselves. According to the 29-year-old new mother, “the baby just came right out. I was just sitting on the seat and he just slid out. It really wasn’t bad at all."

A Cool Accessory For Your Car

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 2:31PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

A Cool Accessory For Your Car  test 2

The list of car accessories available for your automobile is endless these days.  If you plan to spend a lot of time on the road, particularly if you love camping, one of the most useful is a refrigerator that plugs into a 12 volt power point in your vehicle to keep food and drinks cool when traveling without the mess and hassle of keeping ice in a cooler.  Some types of portable units can even keep food frozen in the car!

If you are traveling with a baby and need to keep bottles cool, or for diabetics with insulin that has be kept refrigerated, this car accessory is invaluable. The minimum size that most people select is 40 liters which can hold enough food for two adults and two kids for several days.  The size refrigerator that you select will depend partially on the space you have in your vehicle and the type of power source you have, the bigger units of course draw more power.

How The Tide Turns; Quick US Sales Update

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 12:23PM | By: John Welch

Things are getting brighter in downtown Detroit test 2

Spring has sprung and, in some cases, stank. Sales reports for May are smiling on the Big Three, helping boost confidence in our once extremely shaky domestic auto industry. As far as GM is concerned, 'everything's comin' up Milhouse'!

General Motors stuck with its 2010 forecast of 11.3 million to 11.8 million U.S. light-vehicle sales for the industry, and used this foresight to nail their sales targets. GM, which yesterday marked the anniversary of its 2009 bankruptcy filing, saw overall sales rise 17 percent. All three Detroit automakers beat analysts' average forecasts by at least 6 percentage points.

Every major automaker reported a double-digit spike in U.S. sales—all except poor downtrodden Toyota. In May, the light-vehicle sales rate hit its highest level since December. The incentives offered during Toyota's March sales push increased sales by only 7 percent, Toyota's worst sales performance since posting declines in January and February during recall kafuffles. After recent global recalls of more than 8 million vehicles Toyota is still struggling to fix its image.

Inside the post you will find all of the hard numbers for all of the automakers currently selling cars in the U.S...


Mercury To Officially Shut Down In Fourth Quarter

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:10AM | By: John Welch

Mercury Marauder Convertible Concept test 2

Ding Dong, The Flying Shoes Guy Is Dead. He wasn't necessarily 'wicked', but he was very old. Seventy-one, to be exact.

Mercury production will end in the fourth quarter of 2010, putting an end to yet another erroneous American auto brand. The final decision to kill Mercury was made this week and approved by Ford's board yesterday, said Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas. Ending Mercury production has been a topic of board discussions for some time now, but the final decision was made during Ford's annual spring business and product review. According to Fields, most Mercury customers cross-shop Ford products, and there is no reason to continue allowing divisions to cannibalize each other’s sales. This concept follows the industry trend; Buicks are currently being marketed to me, not my grandfather. The industry is attempting to reinvent itself, and Mercury doesn't fit into Ford's reinvention. "This allows us to put 100 percent of our resources into Ford and Lincoln," Fields said.

Ed Tonkin, chairman of the National Automobile Dealers Association, made it clear that Mercury will be missed. "It's a sad day," said Tonkin, who also commented on the NADA's Mercury-Death stance. “Ford also needs to move quickly to take into account the millions of dollars that dealers have invested in facilities, equipment, personnel and training. They deserve fair compensation.”

“The NADA's concern is that Ford treats each of its Mercury dealers fairly and equitably,” he said, “especially the 276 of whom sell Lincoln and Mercury exclusively.”

Fields is way ahead of ya there, Mr. Tonkin. Ford will offer special incentives to move Mercury vehicles this summer. Fields says he expects most of the Mercury inventory to be sold off by the end of this year.

And just in case we weren't already convinced that there is competent leadership working in Dearborn, there is this little tid-bit: there will be no job cuts resulting from the demise of Mercury. Ford will redeploy any Mercury personnel to the Lincoln brand.

Traffic Violations on YouTube-Who Will Be Prosecuted?

On: Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 10:46AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Traffic Violations on YouTube-Who Will Be Prosecuted? test 1-1

A recent story of an exotic car dealer who was charged by local police for videos he put on YouTube, exhibiting his Lamborghinis and Ferraris on a public highway in St. Louis, Missouri, at very high speeds, has produced a lot of interest from readers. The story also sparked the interest of those involved in criminal law.

The police found videos online of the car dealer allegedly driving up to 150 mph on the interstate and wondered if the videos would be enough to convict him of speeding. The Chesterfield, Missouri, prosecutor was questioned as to what the likely outcome of the case would be: can a person get a speeding ticket because he was video-taped speeding? Although the driver was videotaped going nearly 150 mph, the arrest report shows that he is not being charged with speeding, but the actual charge is “failure to exercise care”, which is a violation of the ordinance against reckless driving.

Indian Car Industry Expected to Grow 25%

On: Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 9:50AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

Indian Auto Industry test 2

According to a late May report published on BS Motoring, “The passenger vehicle industry is poised to record another good month in May, at an estimated 25 per cent growth in sales vis-à-vis the same month last year. This came on the back of a low base, revival in demand and a larger number of models compared to the same period last year. However, the absolute numbers are likely to be slightly lower than in April, when the industry registered its highest-ever growth of 33.9 per cent, at 1,82,182 units, in a decade.”

So indeed, as you can see, even in April the industry recorded its highest growth ever, in the history of auto-making. Hardly something that you would say is a decline, or stunted growth. So it does look like the carmakers are really pushing to get new cars and used cars on the road as more consumers recover from the recession, and finally undo those belts that they have had so tight over the past few years in order to meet their monthly obligations. In short: More people are buying more new cars, and that’s a really good thing!

In the same BS Motoring report, Vishnu Mathur (the director-general of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) projects the sales boom to keep going, “With new emission norms and the confusion pertaining to it, there have been fluctuations in sales in May and we expect the sales would be the same or slightly lower than April. However, it will continue to be significantly higher than May last year and we expect the growth momentum to continue.”

The industry for new cars and used cars in India looks pretty good, too. According to Arvind Saxena, the director of sales and marketing at Hyundai Motor India, who stated in the same BS Motoring report that, “We should see mid double-digit growth in May, with the i10 and i20 being in great demand.”

And growth for GM is looking up as well in India. P Balendran, the vice-president of GM India explained in the same article on BS Motoring that, “While the wholesale numbers would be the same or slightly lower than April, retail sales are expected to be higher, as companies are offering discounts on several models.”

GM projects that they will have sold around 8,000 units, in India during the month of May.

The Camera Never Lies

On: Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 9:28AM | By: Clay Ritchings

The Camera Never Lies test 1-1

While officials in Europe and the United States insist that "the camera never lies," motorists around the world are receiving automated tickets for crimes that they did not commit. Evidently parked cars are triggering the speed cameras and nobody is reviewing the bogus violations before licking the stamp and dropping notices in the mail. This is a breakdown of the whole automated ticket system. The system is only as good as people who have been hired to review the violations, and by the looks of the following reports, they are not being reviewed at all, or by someone who is visually impaired. Could it be that these private companies, like many others, will keep payroll down and run lean? I can only imagine that after an extensive four-minute board meeting, and before they headed out the door for a round of golf, the red light camera suits probably went to each employee and said, “Hey, John Q. Employee, instead of monitoring two cameras at once, you are now going to have four… do the best you can.” If this does not infuriate you yet, read on…

Driver's Re-Ed

On: Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 1:22PM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Driver's Re-Ed test 1-1

The list of standard safety features on today’s even most basic car models would have sounded like a spaceship from a science fiction story only a generation or two ago.  Adaptive cruise control?  Check.  Anti-lock braking system?  Blind spot detection?  Check.  Side curtain airbags?  Check.  Lane-departure warning?  Yes.  Rearview camera?  Go.  Accident avoidance system?  Roger.  

Car companies have done an amazing job at making automobiles much safer, but despite their best efforts they have not yet been able to solve the biggest threat to driving safety:  The driver.  There is a flawed inference almost everyone is a victim of.  Although cars are the safest they have ever been, driving is not safer, and in fact, has never been more dangerous.  Road speeds are higher, population and road congestion have increased exponentially, and people are more distracted than ever with the need for immediate responses to phone calls, emails, and text messages.  

With that thought, I’d like to suggest two ideas.  One that has been talked about, or at least thought about by almost anyone that has ever been slowly cut off by a senior citizen drifting listlessly into their lane on the interstate.  The second is quite a bit more radical.  Both of these occurred to me a moment or two after I was nearly killed the other day by a very inattentive driver on Route One in my home state of New Jersey.  As I slammed on my brakes and swerved out of the way of an Audi whose driver did not feel it was necessary to check for oncoming traffic before he blew through a stop sign, I realized a few things.  The first is that I want to live.  The second was that had my car been made several decades earlier, I probably wouldn’t have been alive to have a third thought.

Honda's New EV-neo Electric Scooter Set to Debut in Dec in Japan

On: Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 9:45AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

Honda EV-neo Electric Scooter test 2

According to a recent press release Honda issued, they have plans to start selling their new electric scooter (EV-neo) in Japan by December of 2010. The car company is touting this as something that could really change the way that people get around in a country where there are very narrow streets and scooters are a very popular form of transportation. The press release really offers the whole scoop on this cool-looking and zero emission-producing electric scooter.

Press Release from Honda

TOKYO, Japan, April 13, 2010 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. revealed the latest prototype of the EV-neo electric scooter and announced plans to begin lease sales in Japan in December 2010 to businesses and individual business owners that provide mainly delivery services.
Honda developed the EV-neo, an electric scooter designed to provide the durability necessary for commercial use, envisioning a wide range of uses by businesses such as delivery services. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, EV-neo realizes excellent environmental performance with zero CO2 emissions in use. The battery is rechargeable using a household power source with attention given to the range per charge. Moreover, EV-neo provides performance equivalent to that of mass-market under-50cc gasoline engine motorcycles realizing a powerful ride even with cargo by leveraging the characteristics of a high-torque motor even at a low speed ride.

Under the key words of "quiet and clean" Honda held the world premier exhibition of the EV-neo concept model (under the name EVE-neo) at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 as one of Honda's new-generation personal mobility products which will contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society while transporting people and cargo. The mass-market model of EV-neo is currently under development.

Honda will continue providing products with excellent environmental performance to more customers in order to contribute to global CO2 emission reduction efforts.”

This electric scooter – as you can see from the pictures above and in the slideshow – is very sleek and modern looking. But it also has some pretty amazing technology that is at work inside of it too. The car uses a newer and very powerful Lithium-ion battery that is made by Toshiba. According to their website (www.honda.com) the EV-neo will offer, “With quick charger: Approximately 80% of the battery capacity will be charged in 20 minutes (200V power source).” So you can really charge that battery up in a hurry, less than half an hour; wow! If you don’t have their quick charger it will take a bit longer to charge your scooter up, “With regular charger: 100% of the battery capacity will be charged in approximately 4 hours (100V power source).

Harmon Kardon Climbing Back on Top as Car Sales Revive

On: Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 8:56AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

Harmon Kardon test 2

When you first step foot—or sit—inside one of the many very fine luxury cars that are out there these days, many people don’t think of the audio system that is in that car. In fact, I would be willing to bet that most people who drive these cars don’t even know that Harmon Kardon makes audio systems for some pretty fancy rides. Cars like BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes-Benz; to name a few. According to a recent report published on Barrons, “Sales of audio and other equipment to auto makers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi account for 70% of the company's sales.”

If you could—because I know that I certainly would—would you choose to drive a luxury car? If, say, money were no object, would you desire that feature-loaded ride with a voice-activated audio system that interfaces with an MP3 transmitter to your iPod and even docks it while you drive? Or one with a touch screen Harmon Kardon GPS navigation system that will always get you where you are going safe and sound? For certain these things can be easily added to any car; you can just buy them and install them. But if you ask me, features like the Harmon Audio and GPS systems are staples that really make such luxury cars like BMWs, Audis, Mercedes-Benz, and others in the pack really stand out.

And Harmon—while showing dismal numbers recently, and falling stocks—is not going anywhere soon. Indeed, rather, it's quite the opposite. The company is on a strong track for success. And here is why.