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Categories: Reports

Subaru Tribeca Not Long For This World

On: Tue, May 29, 2012 at 10:40AM | By: Chris Weiss

Subaru Tribeca test 2

Subaru is reportedly getting ready to wind down the Tribeca crossover, according to reports out of Japan. The crossover was never exactly a hit and has long been overshadowed by its brethren like the Outback and Legacy. Subaru is finally prepared to put it out of its misery.

According to Motor Trend, Subaru will discontinue the model by the end of this year. A spokesperson told the magazine that it is committed to selling the model through the 2013 model year but wouldn't commit to anything beyond that, and an anonymous source said that 2012 is it for the SUV.

Porsche's Experience Center To Cater To Human And Vehicle Performance

On: Sat, May 26, 2012 at 12:06PM | By: Chris Weiss

Porsche's Experience Center test 2

Porsche has detailed some plans for its upcoming California 'experience center'. The new facility will be equipped with a test track as well as an upscale gym.

Porsche North America announced this week that it's moving the operations of Porsche Motorsport North America from Santa Ana to the new Experience Center in Carson, California, just outside LA. The addition of Porsche Motorsport will add to the atmosphere of performance being developed at the new facility, which will include a road-handling course.

Hyundai Confirms Super Bowl Advertising For Next Year

On: Fri, May 25, 2012 at 3:40PM | By: Chris Weiss

Hyundai Confirms Super Bowl Advertising For Next Year test 2

If GM was hoping to drum up greater industry support in thumbing its nose at the Super Bowl, it's backfiring so far. Somewhat predictably, a competitor used GM's announcement as springboard to highlight its own Super Bowl efforts - because an announcement that you have something planned for the Super Bowl is much more interesting press than saying that you're foregoing it.

GM marketing chief Joel Ewanick had barely choked his quote all the way out when Hyundai emailed a sort of response to the Detroit Free Press. Hyundai marketing vice president Steve Shannon said: "The Super Bowl is a perfect venue for a brand like Hyundai. We are extremely pleased to be an advertiser on the 2013 Super Bowl. In addition to the fact that this is far and away the best-watched television program in the U.S. the social media opportunities continue to grow every year and we expect even more impact from this aspect of our advertising on the Super Bowl next year."

Speed Trap Warnings, A-OK In Florida

On: Fri, May 25, 2012 at 9:55AM | By: Chris Salamone

Speed Trap Meme test 2

For those of us plugged into the internet meme craze, the above picture features the square-jawed splendor of Good Guy Greg – a meme backdrop which went viral late last spring. But instead of doing your chores or spreading random acts of kindness, this picture shows Good Guy Greg offering a warning to would-be moving traffic violators.

As it would turn out, though, highway patrolmen and blue jackets all over have been issuing citations for speed trap warnings. Last August, a Seminole County, Florida deputy did just that, ticketing Ryan Kinter (25) for flashing his headlights to warn neighbors of a nearby speed trap.

Except Circuit Judge Alan Dickey ruled on Tuesday that (1) a law banning motorists from flashing after-market emergency lights does not apply to headlight-speed trap communication AND (2) headlight communication is a form of First Amendment Speech, protected by the First Amendment.

So polish off the high beams, head light warnings are a-ok in Florida.


GM Backs Out Of Super Bowl Advertising

On: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 5:15PM | By: Chris Weiss

GM Backs Out Of Super Bowl Advertising test 2

After putting together a huge Super Bowl effort behind Chevy this past February, GM is bowing out of future Super Bowl advertising ... or so it says in the middle of May, nine months before the big game. According to an executive, the prices have gotten just too out of control for the world's largest/second largest automaker.

"We understand the reach the Super Bowl provides, but with the significant increase in price, we simply can’t justify the expense," GM’s marketing chief Joel Ewanick made clear in a statement. GM plans to bow out of the Super Bowl spotlight next year.

2012 Ford Focus Electric Deliveries Have Begun

On: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 2:13PM | By: Chris Weiss

2012 Ford Focus Electric Deliveries Have Begun test 2

Ford was rather vague in terms of delivery dates for the Focus Electric when it announced details a few weeks ago, but the automaker has officially begun shipping Focus Electrics to dealerships, according to news reports. Ford's first electric vehicle will be tearing up roadways - 100 miles at a time - in just a few more days.

Reuters reports that Ford began shipping Focus electric models about a week and a half ago. The EV is set to make it to around 70 dealerships in California, New Jersey and New York over the coming weeks. Each dealership will get about half a dozen cars.

Alfa Romeo Miata? Mazda And Alfa Team Up On Roadster

On: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 10:03AM | By: Chris Weiss

Mazda And Alfa Team Up On Roadster test 2

Alfa Romeo is desperately trying to claw its way back to relevance, so it shouldn't really come as much surprise that it will cling onto one of the most successful roadsters of our times when building a small convertible of its own. Still, Alfa Romeo Miata has a strange sound to it.

Mazda and Alfa Romeo announce this week that they have signed a non-binding "Memorandum of Understanding" to jointly develop a new roadster. The roadster will be based on the next-generation MX-5 rear-wheel-drive platform.

GMC Shanghai Offers 5 Ton Incentive

On: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 5:06PM | By: Chris Salamone

2012 GMC Sierra Denali test 2

We’ve witnessed some pretty impressive truck incentives over the years, perhaps with the deepest discounts seen during the beginning years of the Great Recession. From Employee Pricing, to months of free gas, trucks are becoming harder and harder to push on new vehicle buyers. In the spirit of desperation, then, at least one GMC dealer in Shanghai, China has taken the truck sales incentive to a whole new level: the 2012 GMC Sierra Denali includes five tons of free gas.

That translates to about 2,000 gallons of gasoline, or slightly over three years of relatively normal use. Sounds interesting, right? Wait till you hear the catch.

Jeep Recalls 67,000 Wranglers!

On: Wed, May 23, 2012 at 10:58AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Jeep Recalls 67,000 Wranglers! test 2

Although Wranglers are known as the go-anywhere, do-anything machines of the world, it seems like their Achilles’ heel was built-in from the factory. Jeep is recalling 67,872 Wranglers from 2010 equipped automatic transmissions because the skid plate that protects the tranny can collect debris. 

Now, that may not sound like a big deal because, hey, it's a Jeep right? No debris, no fun! The only issue is that the skid plate was located just a little too close to the catalytic converter, which can get pretty hot and unfortunately potentially ignite that debris. Thankfully Jeep is going to replace the entire skid plate with a skid bar that will not collect debris, but still protect the transmission. It is a fairly simple and straight forward bolt up fix, and free, so owners won't have to take too much time out of their trail-raiding activities.

Read on for the full report and how to contact Chrysler to set up and appointment to get your Jeep fixed today ...

Ferrari Recalls 458 and California Models

On: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 3:32PM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Ferrari Recalls 458 and California Models test 1-1

It seems that the Ferrari 458 can't catch a break.  First there were rumors flying around about their supposed propensity to catch fire thanks to a defective bonding adhesive used to attach the heat-shield.  Now, it seems that Ferrari is issuing a recall of 458 models, and California models are getting on some of the action too.

Though it is only a handful of models—74 at the time of this writing, one has to wonder just how many more of this very same recall might show up in the near future.  It seems that certain 2011-2012 Ferrari 458 models and some 2012 California models are being brought back in because the crankshaft may have been incorrectly machined at the factory.  This defect could cause the engine to fail completely without notice, which could become fatal given the speeds these cars are capable of traveling at.  Hopefully this is the last we hear of crankshaft issues on 458 models, or any Ferraris for that matter, but only time will tell for sure.  Read on for the full report ...

Toyota Is World's Largest Automaker - Again

On: Thu, May 17, 2012 at 5:01PM | By: Chris Weiss

Toyota Is World's Largest Automaker - Again test 2

If you've never followed the world's largest automaker race, it's a thrilling contest in which a very select few automakers make goals of overtaking their competitors, do so for a while and then relinquish the title to one of the other few brands large and wealthy enough to take the crown. It's must see TV, and the latest episode stars Toyota taking back the top spot from General Motors.

GM took the "world's largest automaker" honors from Toyota last year, after Toyota spent three years at the helm. Toyota took it back in the first quarter of this year, selling 2.49 million autos to global consumers, compared to GM's 2.28. Volkswagen, which has vowed to take the title by 2018, came in third with 2.16 sales.