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Categories: Reports

Pricing announced for the 2015 Lexus NX

On: Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 4:44PM | By: Teddy Field

Pricing announced for the 2015 Lexus NX test 1-1

The compact luxury crossover market is white-hot at the moment. Everybody from BMW to Lincoln is vying to sell the newly appointed district manager’s wife a leather-trimmed Cute-UTE. Content and style is paramount to making a sale, and the uber-angular 2015 Lexus NX looks ready to claim a sizable chunk of the market. But what do you get for your husband’s hard earned money? Let’s find out…

2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - A Revolution on the Eighteenth Fairway

On: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 12:08PM | By: Jon Summers

2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - A Revolution on the Eighteenth Fairway test 1-1

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance took place last Sunday, on the golf course at Pebble Beach, overlooking Monterey Bay. A 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe won Best of Show, the most elegant car on the lawn this year. The car, owned by Jon Shirley of Medina, WA, has what auction companies call “the perfect storm of provenance”—both sexy and scary. It is fundamentally a racing car, (the MM designation stands for Mille Miglia)  and fast, even by twenty first century standards—contemporary reports suggest a top speed of perhaps 185mph for open 375 MMs, and this car has a more aerodynamic coupe body.  Of course, it makes do without traction control or airbags, and doesn’t have much in the way of brakes; however, it has plenty of 4.5-liter Ferrari V12. Furthermore, it has celebrity ownership history: Acclaimed Italian movie director Roberto Rossellini commissioned the car, and allegedly gave it to film star Ingrid Bergman. It sports a recent world class restoration: That is to say, it is cosmetically perfect. So in these respects it is a typical Pebble winner. What sets it apart is that it is a car built after World War 2. It is the only postwar Best of Show winner in the last four decades. Why ?

For Scenic Driving at its Very Best, Visit South Carolina's Highway 11

On: Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:00PM | By: Bill Wilson

For Scenic Driving at its Very Best, Visit South Carolina's Highway 11 test 1-1

When most people think of scenic driving, images of the Blue Ridge Parkway or Route 66 often come to mind. Many of the best spots may go unnoticed, however. A prime example is Scenic Highway 11, tucked into a cozy little corner of South Carolina. This 112-mile route offers some of the best camping, hiking, and picture-taking opportunities in the United States, with plenty of great shopping and dining venues only a short drive away.

Are 3000-Mile Oil Changes Still a Good Idea?

On: Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 12:35PM | By: Bill Wilson

Are 3000-Mile Oil Changes Still a Good Idea? test 1-1

There’s some advice that’s repeated so often it’s almost universally accepted as true, whether or not actual evidence exists to back it up. You’ve almost certainly heard most of these snippets of popular wisdom. Here are some of the more popular ones:
•  Swimming within a hour of eating causes muscle cramps.
•  Always brush your teeth after every meal.
•  Brown bread is healthier than white bread.
•  Margarine is better for you than butter.
•  Change your oil every 3000 miles to maintain your engine longer.


2015 KIA Soul Arriving Now

On: Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 12:58PM | By: Karen Cook

2015 KIA Soul Arriving Now test 1-1

If you're out and about at your local KIA dealership, you should see the new 2015 Soul available for purchase or test drive any day now. Design-wise it hasn't seen any major changes, but there are some packages with cool upgrades and techy stuff that may attract buyers.

For Maine at its Very Best, Take a Trip Up US 1

On: Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 3:04PM | By: Bill Wilson

For Maine at its Very Best, Take a Trip Up US 1 test 1-1

Long before there was air conditioning, there was Maine. People from all over the eastern United States have long flocked to this spectacular state to escape summer’s sweltering heat. Some of Maine’s more famous aficionados include Mary Todd Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. To this day it remains a favorite destination of those who appreciate its craggy coastlines, mild June-August weather, and world-famous hospitality. And one of the best ways to see this jewel of the Atlantic coast is to take a pleasant drive up US Highway 1.

Honda Launches 2015 Pilot with New Special Edition Trim

On: Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 1:14PM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda Launches 2015 Pilot with New Special Edition Trim test 1-1

Honda launched the 2015 Pilot earlier this month, and the eight-person sports utility vehicle gets a new "Special Edition" trim. While it's not the type of special edition car that we're used to, the fifth Pilot trim option does offer a few added features and enhancements.

Lot Rage Becomes a Burning Issue

On: Sat, May 24, 2014 at 9:00AM | By: Karen Cook

Lot Rage Becomes a Burning Issue test 1-1

Strange things happen at dealerships. Even though it is a place of business, it is an emotionally charged atmosphere. Whether it is elation at buying a first car or heartbreak at not being able to obtain financing on that dream vehicle, feelings run high. I’ve worked at several dealerships and so has my husband. Some buyers want to blame salespeople or management for being denied a car loan. Some want revenge. My husband was “cursed” once for not being able to sell a car to a customer. She was very upset and came back later in the day with a chicken claw. She stood in front of the dealership waving it and chanting until she was escorted off the property by the police.

I Bring You the Safety Car of the Future, Built Right Here in the U. S. of A. - in 1989!

On: Fri, May 16, 2014 at 9:44AM | By: Andrew W Davis

All kneel before the mighty Custom Cruiser! test 2

I call America a nation of “Missers”—people who avoid collisions through blind luck rather than awareness and talent—NOT "Drivers". Sure, there are exceptions, but we are few and far between. It is for this and who knows how many other misguided reason(s) that the government is mandating more and more “driver aids” (aka Idiot Over-Riders) tacked onto vehicles already stuffed with them in the name of "safety".

I’ve railed—admittedly, usually to myself—that the emphasis should be on driver education, not on adding electronics that make it possible for the worst-of-the-worst to not die in solo-car accidents like they should, to, as my dad would say, "thin the herd." Pumping money into education and training helps stop collisions from occurring, while the majority of electrissical bits are there to only mitigate how damaged you'll be after the fact.

I bring this up (here, anyway) only to at least tweak your thinking on what’s safe, both for you and your pocketbook.

[Here’s a hint: If you're a Driver, you were pretty much better off before today's big push towards “active” seatbelts, airbags, Traction- and Stability Control and…]

Weird News: GM Sales Are Up

On: Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 5:05PM | By: Karen Cook

Weird News: GM Sales Are Up test 1-1

The numbers are in for the first quarter of 2014, and they are a bit surprising. General Motors, the company with the biggest recall catastrophes of late, seem to be leading the pack in car sales. With all the negative publicity and public outrage this hardly seems possible but, as they say, numbers don’t lie.

Two Near-New Bad-Ass Boss 302s Are For Sale in Canada, eh!

On: Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 3:14PM | By: Andrew W Davis

2012 Boss 302 Prototype test 2

Living, as I do, in Southeast Michigan, I am constantly subjected to Canadian radio stations, with their better playlists, fewer commercials, and just general all-around better listening experiences. Granted, Detroit was/is the home of Motown, but that’s not really my thing. No, when it comes to classic and modern rock—plus pretty much anything else that makes your ears bleed in a good way—you’ve got to set your radio to something Canuck.

So I’m not quite sure why I was so surprised to find two of the most important and sought-after new(ish) Heavy Metal Mustangs for sale in Toronto this weekend, at Collector Car Productions April 5-6 sale in Toronto. Not only do they have a “Mint 1-of-1 Prototype Pre-Production” 2012 Boss 302 for sale, there's a reverse-color 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca, too.

[Granted, that doesn’t leave you much time to get your papers in order, but it’s not like anybody’s going to care if you’re border-hopping OUT of the U.S., right?...]