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Categories: Miscellaneous

GM - General Motors Recognizes Gay Marriage

On: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 7:54AM | By: Karen Cook

GM - General Motors Recognizes Gay Marriage test 1-1

This may seem like an odd topic to find on an auto blog, but there is more to auto news than the latest car. Being such a huge entity in the United States, the auto industry has the ability to affect the world outside its dealerships and manufacturing plants.

Recently GM announced that it will offer benefits to same sex couples whether they work in a state that recognizes their marriage or not. If you work in Detroit, which does not recognize the marriage, you can still add your partner to your insurance with a marriage license from any of the other states that do. They are the second automaker to do so. The first was Chrysler.

D.A.R.V: Baby Steps Towards the Future

On: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 7:54AM | By: Karen Cook

D.A.R.V:  Baby Steps Towards the Future test 1-1

Most car manufacturers are doing research to develop those futuristic cars that can drive themselves. We have a few already that monitor the road even while the driver is in control and they have the ability to take over in an emergency. Last week at the auto show in Los Angeles, Toyota gave us a step in between. It’s not a fully autonomous car but it does provide much more interaction than anything currently on the road. And it can interact with more than just the driver.

Black Friday: Golden Opportunity?

On: Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 1:57PM | By: Karen Cook

Black Friday: Golden Opportunity? test 1-1

Black Friday is almost upon us. Until I met my husband 17 years ago, I did not take part in the annual shopping frenzy. Sure, the sale prices are good, but the crowds were just too much for me. I like my shopping on the quieter side. My husband, on the other hand, takes a different approach. He doesn’t actually buy anything on Black Friday. For him it’s more of a spectator sport. We go to the mall, get a seasonally flavored coffee, and then just sit back and watch the chaos. From this point of view, it’s actually a lot of fun.

Survey; A List Of Most Embarrassing Cars

On: Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 9:39AM | By: Karen Cook

A List Of Most Embarrassing Cars test 2

If you are anything like me, and millions of other people, your first car probably wasn’t pretty to look at. When you buy your first car you need something that runs and will get you where you’re going. What you’re really buying is a trade-in on a future vehicle that you actually want to drive. The paint may be spotted, the seats may be worn, and I even had one that was missing the headliner. You know you don’t look “cool” in this car, but it’s just what you drive until you can afford a “real” car.


Drivers Lament; Wait! How Did I Get Here?

On: Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 1:54PM | By: Karen Cook

Drivers Lament; Wait! How Did I Get Here? test 2

A recent report by the Erie Insurance Group has uncovered some very disturbing information. 65,000 fatal accident reports were studied from a two-year period (2010 – 2011) and there was one cause of the crashes that outnumbered texting or talking on the phone by 5 to 1. Was it drunk driving? Nope. Maybe it was falling asleep at the wheel. Wrong again. Speeding? Another good guess but the answer doesn’t concern any of the irresponsible behavior we’ve come to associate with car accidents.

Coca-Cola Makes Ford Greener

On: Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 12:24PM | By: Karen Cook

Coca-Cola Makes Ford Greener test 1-1

I don’t know about where you live, but here in central Florida most of us have been issued special trash cans to be used with the new garbage trucks. They have special handles that allow the truck to pick them up without human intervention. And they are huge. At least compared to the one we used to have. I remember thinking when we got it that we would never fill it up in a week. I was wrong. I am amazed at the amount of garbage we can produce. On a global scale it’s a problem. We simply don’t have room for all the trash human beings generate. So we recycle what we can. But what can you really do with all those plastic bottles, besides make new plastic bottles?

New Idea to Control Drunk Drivers

On: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 11:26AM | By: Karen Cook

New Idea to Control Drunk Drivers test 1-1

Did you know that between 2006 and 2011 the number of traffic fatalities involving alcohol declined consistently? Were we more responsible? Were we not driving drunk? Or were we just lucky? We may never know but the trend is over. Intoxicated drivers killed more 4.6% more people in 2012 than in 2011. And it appears the numbers will continue to rise.

Beat the Winter Cold with a Trip to the Old Florida Heritage Highway

On: Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 1:29PM | By: Bill Wilson

Beat the Winter Cold with a Trip to the Old Florida Heritage Highway test 1-1

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as an old-fashioned road trip. However, with cold weather setting in across the country, many of the traditional motoring destinations are off-limits until next spring.  

Fortunately, the Sunshine State comes into full bloom from November through March. Its mild winter weather and eye-catching scenic beauty make it the perfect place to enjoy a driving adventure. And you’ll be able to explore all of its charm and grandeur on the Old Florida Heritage Highway.

Great American Road Trips: the Olympic Peninsula

On: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 1:33PM | By: Bill Wilson

Great American Road Trips: the Olympic Peninsula test 1-1

If you’ve ever felt the urge to go west, then you might try a jaunt around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. As far as the lower 48 of the United States is concerned, it’s as far west as you can drive without falling into the Pacific Ocean. It’s also a place of where you’ll never have to choose between going to the mountains or the beach. That’s because both options are within sight during the entire trip. There are also rivers, lakes, forests, and meadows so beautiful you’ll question your grip on reality when you see them.

Tesla's Curse Continues

On: Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 3:48PM | By: Karen Cook

Tesla's Curse Continues test 2

Automakers want to be in the public eye. That’s why they spend so much money on advertising and product placement in television shows. There’s a saying that all publicity is good publicity but I think Tesla would disagree. They are in the news once again, this time for an industrial accident that occurred at their plant in Palo Alto, California.

Solar Vehicles; Here Comes the Sun

On: Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 3:48PM | By: Karen Cook

Solar Vehicles; Here Comes the Sun test 1-1

Police investigators have files in their offices, which are labeled “cold”. Anyone who watches crime dramas knows this. If a case is unable to be solved it sits and waits for new information to be uncovered or new technology to be invented to help find out ‘whodunit”. Why don’t car manufacturers have cold cases? You know, someone who looks at great ideas from the past that were not able to be realized at the time.