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Categories: Miscellaneous

BMW Quits F1, JD Considers jumping off bridge

On: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 2:54PM | By: John Welch

BMW Quits F1, JD Considers jumping off bridge test 1-1

I love Jalopnik. Great website! After it was announced that BMW will be exiting F1 racing at the end of the season, Jalopnik provided us all with a brief history of BMW's activity in Formula One (leaving out the 'Williams V-10' years for some reason . . .). Being a Bavarian loyalist, and deeply saddened by the loss of BMW on the Formula One grid, I can't help but pass this link on to you, featuring a brief yet extremely informative image gallery .

Source: http://jalopnik.com/5325435/the-history-of-bmw-in-formula-one-1982--2009/gallery/