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Categories: Exotics

Filming Yourself Destroying The Law Is Never A Good Idea, Bugatti Veyron Edition (Video)

On: Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 12:51PM | By: Chris Weiss

Filming Yourself Destroying The Law Is Never A Good Idea, Bugatti Veyron Ed test 2

Last week, a video of a Bugatti Veyron doing over 200 mph on public roads hit the Interwebz. Many of the auto blogs did a write-up on the video and it went viral, racking up over a million views in about a week. The video shows the Veyron hitting speeds of up to 200 mph. No dash-mounted Go Pro footage, the video is the result of a well done and elaborate set-up of in-vehicle footage cut with roadside footage from a network of cameraman.

When I first came across headlines, I thought: 'Why would anyone shoot themselves blowing the speed limit apart and post it to YouTube?' That's about as dumb as all the wannabe criminals that show up on the endless iterations of "World's Dumbest Criminals." You're basically begging for trouble from the authorities.

Well, not surprisingly, the video has garnered the ire of Arizona law enforcement. While it doesn't look like there's much the state can do, you can expect them to be on the lookout for this particular Veyron. The owner had better make sure his paperwork, driving habits and vehicle equipment are all on the level.

Jaguar Moving Toward Development Of C-X75 Microturbines

On: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 2:32PM | By: Chris Weiss

Jaguar Moving Toward Development Of C-X75 Microturbines test 2

It's hard to put a finger on what exactly we like best about the Jaguar C-X75 concept that Jaguar debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. It has exquisite styling, a high-tech performance-hybrid powertrain and is the first Jaguar supercar since the XJ220. If we were forced into revealing a single favorite element, we'd probably have to go with the sci-fi-like microturbines that were used as generators for the concept's electric motors.

Because those microturbines were highly experimental, word was that Jaguar would use a more conventional engine in the production C-X75. Somewhere along the line, Jaguar decided to build two versions of the supercar - one with a small turbo engine and one with the microturbines. The company is officially ready to get to work on the turbines.

Bertone Teases New Geneva Concept

On: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 4:37PM | By: Chris Weiss

Bertone Teases New Geneva Concept test 2

It looks like this year's Geneva Motor Show will bring us concepts from two of Italy's most prominent design houses. We've already seen some teasing for the Pininfarina Cambiano, and now Stile Bertone has teased a concept of its own. It's named Nuccio after Nuccio Bertone.

Like the Cambiano, the Nuccio is designed as an anniversary celebration. It recognizes Bertone's 100 years of existence and is named after Nuccio Bertone, son of the company's founder and an influential past leader that split the company into Stile Bertone (for design) and Carrozzeria Bertone (for manufacturing). Nuccio passed away in 1997 and his widow Lilli Bertone heads the company today.

The Nuccio should prove to be an exciting debut. The car is a tribute to the firm's heritage and is a modern reinterpretation of its wedge-shaped styling. This wedge shape was exemplified by one of Bertone's most famous concepts - the recently sold Lancia Stratos HF Zero concept from the 1970 Turin Motor Show. Bertone has named that car among its "10 masterpieces."

A Bird? A Plane? No, A Bentley Continental GT Flying Over Munich (Video)

On: Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 3:08PM | By: Chris Weiss

A Bird? A Plane? No, A Bentley Continental GT Flying Over Munich test 2

Airlifting supercars via helicopter seems to be in vogue lately. Mercedes did it with the SLS AMG in Stuttgart. Lamborghini flew a Reventon over Turin, Italy. Ferrari heli-ed the FF to the Italian Dolomites. Now Bentley has joined the pack of high-end European brands in dangling its vehicle over a major European destination.

Bentley flew its all-new V8-powered Continental GT over Munich, Germany. Not only was the red Continental's journey a spectacle, but its destination was impressive too. The Bentley touched down on a glassy, window-covered rooftop.


Tesla Reveals The Model X, And It Makes An Impression

On: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 11:43AM | By: Chris Weiss

Tesla Reveals The Model X, And It Makes An Impression test 2

Well, Tesla didn't disappoint. After calling its Model X crossover "pretty revolutionary" for an SUV when teasing it, we thought for sure we were listening to marketing hype. But the car does indeed have some surprises up its sleeve.

Tesla introduced the Model X on Thursday night from its California design studio. It also streamed the live event over the Internet.

The new crossover is definitely sportier than pretty much any crossover or SUV we can think of. It effectively translates the Model S' styling into a larger form. The only real visual complaint that we have is that the roof seems a little too round and long - it has a little bit of "large head" syndrome like the 2012 Honda CR-V. Overall, though, we're impressed with how Tesla was able to give us the utility of a crossover while still presenting a car that we don't want to stop looking at.

Major Failure: Maybach Lost $440,000 On Every Model

On: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 9:59AM | By: Chris Weiss

Major Failure: Maybach Lost $440,000 On Every Model test 2

The fact that Daimler's ultra-premium Bentley competitor Maybach has been struggling is not a news story. Daimler has barely managed to sell a couple hundred Maybachs a year while Bentley approaches five-figure sales. What is somewhat surprising and newsworthy, though, is just how bad Maybach has been doing. A new report puts some figures to the soon-to-be-defunct brand's struggles.

Based on its own calculations, CAR magazine estimates that Daimler has been losing about 330,000 euros on every model sold. That's about $440,000 by today's rates, which coincidentally, puts the loss figure neatly between the cost of the Maybach 62 ($430,450) and the 62 S ($470,350).

Ferrari 599 Successor To Be 'F620'

On: Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 11:20AM | By: Chris Weiss

Ferrari 599 Successor To Be 'F620' test 2

If you've been following Ferrari, you knew that the 599 GTB Fiorano was destined to be the last in a line of "500" models. It succeeded the 575 M and 550 Maranello, and given that there isn't another whole number in the 500s, it was bound to be the last model in that lineage starting with a 5.

Well, if rumors are true, not only will the 599 successor be the first of the 600 models, it will also use a slightly different naming structure.

Honda Releases New Video On History Of The NSX

On: Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 3:50PM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda Releases New Video On History Of The NSX test 2

Honda sure is dedicated to its new NSX concept. Last Sunday, the automaker released its first ever Acura Super Bowl commercial for a concept that won't even hit the market for three years. Now it's put together an 8-minute video showcasing the model's past and present.

If you're an NSX fan, this is your lucky day. Honda's video is full of everything that you just have to love: lots of track footage of the original NSX, grinding engine notes, NSX racers, shots of the V-TEC engine, slow motion, commercial-like footage, driving footage of the new NSX concept, a closer look at the new NSX's powertrain, and more.

Infiniti To Build GT-R Based Sports Car?

On: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:05PM | By: Chris Weiss

Infiniti To Build GT-R Based Sports Car? test 2

Infiniti is considering building a sports car based on the Nissan GT-R. A GT-R-based coupe is one of the options that Nissan's luxury brand is considering for a potential flagship.

Francois Bancon, head of advanced planning for Infiniti, told CAR magazine that an Infiniti GT-R is one of three or four different models the company is considering for the top of its range. He said that the GT-R platform is "too good a platform to use only on one model." It's hard to disagree with that.

Pininfarina Releases Teaser Video Of Cambiano Concept

On: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 10:27AM | By: Chris Weiss

Pininfarina Releases Teaser Video Of Cambiano Concept test 2

Pininfarina has been teasing the Cambiano concept for the past several weeks. The concept will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and in anticipation of that debut, Pininfarina has provided the best look yet this week in a new teaser video.

The new video still doesn't reveal the entire Cambiano but does take us from one close up to the next, showing more clearly that the Cambiano is destined to be one of the sexier concepts of the Geneva Motor Show.

Shelby Supercars Drops The 'Shelby'

On: Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 5:20PM | By: Chris Weiss

Shelby Supercars Drops The 'Shelby' test 2

Isn't it confusing when two or more people with the same last name share a profession or passion closely? In the world of exotic cars, there are surnames that transcend family lineage. One of the most confusing exists between Carroll Shelby and Jerod Shelby. The former is an icon known for decades of automotive experience that includes the Cobra and many a high-performance Mustang. The latter is the namesake of Shelby Supercars or SSC, which has owned the production world speed record and hopes to earn it again with its new Tuatara. If indeed it does earn that record, it will be held by "SSC" not Shelby Supercars.

It's not surprising that people would confuse Carroll Shelby and Jerod Shelby, given their similar occupations. Apparently this was becoming a growing nuisance to Carroll because Carroll Shelby Licensing and its corporate parent Carroll Shelby International appear to have forced Shelby Supercars into officially dropping the 'Shelby'.