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Categories: Exotics

Rocker Hagar Living Large With Ferrari LaFerrari

On: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 5:45PM | By: Gary P Garry

Ferrari LaFerrari test 2

There are a handful of status symbols that speak for themselves without really saying anything. One of them is the automotive masterpiece called the Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy back in 1898, so he was an early pioneer of the automotive industry in Europe. When he was just 10 years old, he attended the Circuit di Bologna auto race, and he was hooked for life.

An Open Letter To Acura

On: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 9:56AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Acura NSX Concept test 2

For those of you old enough to remember, Acura, the luxury brand of Honda, decided to take a plunge into the world of performance cars.  They toiled for years over what to build, how to execute it, and if it would be a success. Well, in 1991 the NSX debuted and although you didn't hear it here first, the NSX was a raging success. The result of all that hard work? An all-aluminum-bodied, mid-engined sports car boasting a Honda-built V6 making nearly 300 horsepower (in 1991 that was a lot) with a max engine speed of nearly 8,000 rpm. Honda employed arguably the best designer in the business, and maybe even the best ever. Want proof? The next time a Pininfarina-styled NSX passes you on the highway and you nearly snap your neck trying to place it in the archives of your brain's automaker catalogue, ask yourself if that car looks like it's from 1991. 

VIDEO: Epic Ferrari Fail

On: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:32PM | By: Teddy Field

VIDEO: Epic Ferrari Fail test 1-1

In the right hands, a Ferrari can do amazing things. It reacts to your input much faster than a normal car, and that allows you to cover large tracts of land very quickly. They can also make you look like a complete idiot, if you allow your ego to take the wheel. Our tool of the day discovered this fact the hard way. And it is funny.

McLaren Special Ops Blacks Out the New 650S

On: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 11:31AM | By: Chris Weiss

McLaren Special Ops Blacks Out the New 650S test 1-1

Fresh off a world debut at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren 650S has gotten some special treatment from McLaren's customization branch. McLaren Special Operations outfitted the new coupe with a variety of bespoke components to create the MSO 650S Coupe Concept, a sinister supercar.


(Ferrari) California Dreamin'

On: Fri, May 30, 2014 at 10:32AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

(Ferrari) California Dreamin' test 1-1

Someone pinch us, because we might just be dreaming. For the first time since the last F40 rolled off the assembly line in Maranello way back in 1992, a turbocharged Ferrari is making its debut to the world. The 2015 California T ups the ante on the front-engine, four-seat prancing horse. Compared to the outgoing model, the new California T gets a smaller displacement 3.9-liter engine compared to 4.3, but the great equalizers are the twin-turbochargers that come along with that smaller package. The new boost raises horsepower to a spine-flattening 552 ponies (up 69hp from the outgoing model) and torque to an almost identical 557-lb-ft (up 185-lb-ft).

Behold, the very blue [and expensive] 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection

On: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 12:40PM | By: Teddy Field

Behold, the very blue [and expensive] 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Waterspeed Collection test 1-1

The Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is a larger-than-life car, for larger-than-life people. If you've got a big wallet and a big ego, this massive car is an opulent way to show people that you's a 'Boss'. And the new Phantom Drophead Waterspeed Collection will even help you stand out from those other tycoons at the yacht club. Let's find out why it's so special...

Cadillac unveils the farewell edition CTS-V Coupe

On: Wed, May 14, 2014 at 5:21PM | By: Teddy Field

Cadillac unveils the farewell edition CTS-V Coupe test 1-1

When Cadillac launched its CTS-V back in 2004, everyone thought they were mad. But hindsight has provided a clearer view of their brilliance. Cramming a massively overpowered engine into a car that was designed on an Etch-a-Sketch was a good idea. Today's CTS-V(eeery fast) is a formidable competitor to performance stalwarts like the BMW M5 and the Mercedes E63 AMG. The coupe version has few peers, save for an Audi RS and a $742k BMW M79 zDrive GrandSomething-or-other. But sadly it's about to wave goodbye, as the redesigned, sedan-only 2015 Cadillac CTS-V gets ready to launch. So let's have a look at the last 500 special edition CTS-V Coupes.

Two "B"s Bring Two TV "Reals" (and a Fake) To Auction: a Starsky Torino and the BtC Buick and BLS Pegasus

On: Fri, May 9, 2014 at 10:44AM | By: Andrew W Davis

Photoillustration by Author test 2

So, let’s say you read my article on the BTTF DeLorean (Seriously. Say it.) and found that either the going rate for a film-fake—or the car itself—was not for you. But you still want to have something Tinsel-Townie to parade in front of your friends. What can you do?

Well, have I got a deal (or three) for you! Sure, the silver screen they (sort of) appeared on was smaller—and usually less silver—but that doesn’t (necessarily) mean that TV-used cars should be worth any less (even though they are).

Here we have two cars from Branson Auctions’ Spring 2014 sale, April 11-12 in Branson, MO, and one from Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach 2014 sale in—this is too easy—Palm Beach, FL, the same weekend. From these two auction houses come three distinct types of made-for-TV cars: a replica of a car everyone knows, an actual movie prop that might be a little famous, and a similarly real-deal vehicle from a show evenIdidn’t know ever existed.

Sure, they're not the most famous of cars—and the one here that is most famous is a fake—but when you're looking for star-quality cars on a Second Director's Assistant's budget, well, fame has its price. And you can't afford it. So...

Mercedes Flashes a Peek Inside Its Next AMG Sports Car

On: Fri, May 2, 2014 at 4:06PM | By: Chris Weiss

Mercedes Flashes a Peek Inside Its Next AMG Sports Car test 1-1

The Mercedes SLS AMG has never felt long in the tooth, looking as good now as it did when it was introduced in 2009. However, Mercedes has already released the SLS AMG GT Final Edition, marking the end of its gullwing supercar. On the bright side, it's already begun teasing a new AMG high-performance sports car, which will debut later this year.

Great Scott! Branson Auctions brings movie(-ish) magic to MO with a damn-near perfect BTTF DeLorean

On: Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 3:56PM | By: Andrew W Davis

Photoillustration by author test 2

When it comes to car-nerd-ery, I’m a 100-percent Christine Plymouth person, but I can see the appeal in owning a sorta-kinda Back to the Future DeLorean like the one not sold at Branson Auctions’ Spring (April 11-12) 2014 sale in—you guessed it—Branson, MO.

These kinds of cars seem to run a traditional route from private listings to eBay Motors and then to places like this, a medium-sized real-time auction in the Midwest. Heck, you can even buy one “new” from several places that I will mention later. And apart from the $541k—yes, you read that right—one-and-only authentic-and-in-private-hands movie-used DeLorean extant, there's a pretty established market with an equally-established average price.

At $62,500 this lot was smack where it should have been price-wise. Why didn’t it sell? I can only assume—as I will in a second—but I'm cool with that if you are. As for now, know this: I think that the owner of this BTTF replica would like to go back in time, take that bid and run. Then again, that would mean his DeLorean time-machine actually works, which would make even half-a-million bucks seem worth less than .01 jigawatts…

Hetfield's Black Pearl Named Custom Car of the Year

On: Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 10:07AM | By: Gary P Garry

Black Pearl test 2

Classic cars and classic hard rock music go hand in hand, and this marriage was taken to another level recently when a car that is owned by a legendary rocker took home a prestigious automotive prize.