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Categories: Technology

The Modern Gypsy

On: Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 1:55PM | By: Karen Cook

The Modern Gypsy test 1-1

Oh, to be a gypsy and wander at will, never knowing where you’ll be tomorrow! My husband and I have had a plan for years now to retire to a motor home and see the country in our old age. We’ve planned to purchase our motor home a year before we retire so I can pack and repack at my leisure. Anything that’s not in the motor home has to be discarded, so I want time to decide what I’m keeping and what must be sacrificed. But when that’s done, oh, the freedom!

With today’s technology this is not such an outlandish idea. What with cell phones and laptops, staying in touch is easy and, unfortunately, even bills find you with ease wherever you happen to be. And with onboard GPS you’ll always know where that is.

Tesla: Still A Few (Fire)Bugs In The System

On: Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 9:31AM | By: Karen Cook

Tesla: Still A Few (Fire)Bugs In The System test 1-1

Isn’t it exciting when you watch a movie and there’s a car crash scene? You hold your breath until anyone in the car gets out safely. It’s even more exciting when they don’t. Then there’s an explosion and a fire! Of course, we know that all this was planned and happened exactly as it was meant to. There are really very few reasons for an automobile to burst into flames, even in an accident. A normal vehicle doesn’t do that.

2014 Mercedes E250 BlueTEC Diesel gets near-Prius fuel economy

On: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 10:33AM | By: Teddy Field

2014 Mercedes E250 BlueTEC Diesel gets near-Prius fuel economy test 1-1

In Europe, diesels are big business. In America, not so much. Our fuel taxation system is designed to make gasoline the cheaper fuel, exactly the opposite of Europe's fuel/tax situation. Nevertheless, the Germans are dead-set on getting Americans to re-embrace the diesel. To that end, BMW and Audi are launching TDI versions of their most popular models. And now Mercedes is rolling out an oil-burning version of its uber-popular E-Class. But is it just a replacement for the soot-covered 240D?

Nissan Sets 2020 Deadline for Self-Driving Vehicles

On: Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 9:36AM | By: Bill Wilson

Nissan Sets 2020 Deadline for Self-Driving Vehicles test 1-1

For most people, self-driving cars fit in the same category as jet backpacks, robot butlers, and personal spaceships. While they’re great topics for science-fiction writers, there’s very little chance that they will ever exist in the real world. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn begs to differ, however. He not only intends to build autonomous vehicles, he has announced that they will be available for public purchase by 2020.

To those in the know, including other auto executives, this goal sounds so ambitious as to be ridiculous. While Google has put several self-driving cars on the road, the search engine giant has no plans to market such vehicles to the public. Rather, company heads hope to sell the technology to established manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Toyota.


The Simplification of the Automobile

On: Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 5:11PM | By: Karen Cook

The Simplification of the Automobile test 1-1

Why do men make things so complicated? For example, I asked my grown son what makes my car go. He launched into an explanation with words like internal combustion, pistons, torque, and flywheel. I asked my husband the same question and got what he called a “simple explanation” with words like spark plugs and gas fumes.

How Cadillac shaped the car that you drive today

On: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 12:43PM | By: Teddy Field

Cadillac's Elmiraj Concept test 2

Although GM's flagship luxury brand is still rebuilding its image, the Cadillac name was once a byword for 'quality'. Their cars were cutting-edge, luxurious, and powerful. Everybody from kings to rock stars had a Cadillac in their garage. Then, years of corporate cost-cutting reduced the storied brand to mere 'Premium' status. Now on the upswing, Cadillac is out to show the world that it still knows a thing or two about making luxury cars. Their new Cadillac ATS is often mentioned in the same breath as the BMW 3-Series, and their recent Elmiraj Concept has actually caused people to lust after a Cadillac (that hasn't happened since... Elvis was alive). Cadillac is still very relevant in today's China-crazy car market, and their future is starting to look pretty bright. But let's take a quick look at the company's past, and see just how much they've shaped the cars that we drive today.

Are You Sure We're There?

On: Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 1:00PM | By: Karen Cook

Are You Sure We're There? test 1-1

When we set off for places unknown most of us trust our GPS to get us there. Whether you use Garmin, Google Maps, or some other device, you probably ask technology to at least point you in the right direction. But, as with any technology, it’s not always perfect.

Grown-ups Playing Dress Up

On: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 3:29PM | By: Karen Cook

Grown-ups Playing Dress Up test 1-1

Don’t you love seeing those interesting vinyl-wrapped vehicles on the road? They are usually very striking, sometimes amusing, but always eye-catching. You want your car wrapped in bacon? Done! How about camouflage so no one sees you speeding? Gotcha covered! Maybe you want your car to be “green” inside and out. We can do that too! What started out as advertising is becoming more mainstream. We just love personalizing anything and everything in our lives, from our desktops to our cell phones, and now to a full automobile. Humans are really odd creatures when you think about it. Still, anything that helps me find my car in a crowded parking lot is a good thing.

I Checked My Engine. Now What?

On: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 8:57AM | By: Karen Cook

I Checked My Engine. Now What? test 1-1

It’s happened to most of us. You’re driving along, singing loudly in the best place to sing loudly, and in the middle of the chorus your car chimes in and the check engine light comes on. All singing ceases, the radio goes down. The engine must be listened to, the car must be felt. Is it still running ok? Do I need to pull over? Will I get home? What exactly does that light mean, anyway? It’s a vague sort of warning. It can mean so much, and so little. “Checking” the engine does not make the light go off. Whatever made it come on wants attention. But how bad is it? Most of us don’t have a pile of money set aside for car repairs. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

Can You Text in a Self-Driving Car?

On: Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 9:03AM | By: Karen Cook

Can You Text in a Self-Driving Car? test 1-1

When is it ok to text and drive? Obviously, the answer is never! But what if you aren’t actually driving? What if your car is driving for you? I always picture George Jetson and hear his iconic “future car sound” when I think of the new technology of self-driving vehicles. (Funny though. He never had a cell phone. Even he didn’t text and drive.)

Audi Reveals New Sequential Turn Signal

On: Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 9:27AM | By: Chris Weiss

Audi Reveals New Sequential Turn Signal test 1-1

Sometimes the best additions to new cars have nothing to do with horsepower or speed. For instance, the new Audi A8 gets an upgrade that's minor on the surface but likely to make more of an impact on roads than an extra five horses. The Audi Matrix LED headlamp delivers a distinctive turn signal that the German automaker says will provide enhanced visibility.