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Throughout The Car Industry

Categories: Technology

Something New Under the Sun

On: Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 2:28PM | By: Karen Cook

Something New Under the Sun test 1-1

Ford has a hot new idea. Solar-powered vehicles! Next month at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Ford will debut its latest concept vehicle, the C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid. The car itself isn’t new, but the technology it sports is. It has a “sunroof,” but not the kind that lets light (and sometimes rain) into the vehicle. This sunroof is made of solar panels which allow the battery to charge using rays from the sun.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engine Sounds!

On: Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 12:43PM | By: Karen Cook

Gentlemen, Start Your Engine Sounds! test 1-1

Electric vehicles are awesome, right? I mean, they cut down on all kinds of pollution. Emissions are low to non-existent and noise pollution is minimal with a car that travels silently at speeds less than 20 mph. Neighborhoods are peaceful and you can hear the birds singing. What’s not to like?

Michigan Invests In Its Own Future

On: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 7:04PM | By: Karen Cook

Michigan Invests In Its Own Future test 1-1

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder sees the future. Michigan is the hub of the auto industry in the United States and Gov. Snyder intends to keep it that way with two new laws allowing testing of autonomous vehicles both on the public roads and at a $6.5 million, 30-acre test site near the University of Michigan. This is a huge step toward driverless cars. California, Nevada, and Florida have already put the same type of laws into practice.

2014 Silverado - Better Than Ever

On: Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 11:14AM | By: Karen Cook

2014 Silverado - Better Than Ever test 1-1

Chevy has been producing the Silverado for years functioning under the belief that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When you’ve got a good thing sometimes the best course of action is to stick with it—unless you can make it better. The new 2014 Silverado has been updated in ways that will make it even more attractive to hard working types but will also give you a decent vehicle for family or to take your significant other on a date.


Gadgets for Christmas

On: Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 10:52AM | By: Karen Cook

Gadgets for Christmas test 1-1

In this modern world full of high tech gadgetry it is easier than ever to “geek-out” your car. Some of it is pretty useful though. Here are some automobile enhancement devices you might be lucky enough to find under your tree or some suggestions for spending the gift cards you are likely to get.

Infiniti Q50 Excels in Safety

On: Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 9:06AM | By: Karen Cook

Infiniti Q50 Excels in Safety test 1-1

If safety is high on your list of requirements in a new vehicle, Infiniti has a sports sedan for you. It recently received five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which is the highest possible ranking. The Q50 sports sedan was tested along with the Q50 3.7 and the Q50 Hybrid. The 3.7 received only four stars, but that’s still respectable. The final rating includes combined scores from frontal, side impact, and rollover crash tests. The tests are performed by theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and the testing procedures are severe and rigorous to insure passenger safety in all new vehicles.

Ford Is Not Idle on Green Technology

On: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:56AM | By: Karen Cook

Ford Is Not Idle on Green Technology test 1-1

Ford has decided to be more aggressive in the reduction of emissions in its vehicles. The auto maker is developing more and better technology to help achieve this goal. The latest offering is called Auto Stop-Start and it has the ability to shut off your engine when you are standing at a stop light, rather than letting it idle. Your engine springs back to life when you release the brake. There’s no information on how effective this is for people like me. I tend to “creep” at stop lights, especially if the car in front of me eases forward. I am overwhelmed with the desire to follow suit.

Hyundai Plays The Luxury Card

On: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 5:00PM | By: Karen Cook

Hyundai Plays The Luxury Card test 1-1

Hyundai hasn’t been known for its luxury vehicles. Korea could produce decent, dependable cars, but no one thought of them as luxurious. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is about to change that.

Odometer Fraud a Cautionary Tale

On: Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 4:23PM | By: Karen Cook

Odometer Fraud a Cautionary Tale test 1-1

So you’re looking at a pre-owned vehicle and it looks pretty good. It’s in decent condition, appears to be clean and well cared for. The tires are good and the engine doesn’t seem to be in need of any maintenance. The odometer shows low mileage too. You seem to have a winner. You sign the papers, hand over the cash, and drive away with the deal of a lifetime. Within two weeks, though, you are headed to the mechanic and you leave with a hefty bill. So what went wrong?

Is The Watercar Panther the Ultimate Vehicle?

On: Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 5:51PM | By: Karen Cook

Watercar Panther test 2

It’s 7:30 in the morning. Traffic is backed up on the interstate in Tampa, Florida. A lot of it is stuck on one of the many bridges that crisscross the bay. The water is so beautiful though with the sun glinting off the empty blue expanse. Wait a minute! It’s empty! No traffic down there at all. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a car than ran in the water too? Boy, getting to work would be a breeze!

Unlocking Computer Technology In Our Vehicles

On: Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 4:41PM | By: Karen Cook

Unlocking Computer Technology In Our Vehicles test 2

With all the new computer technology in our vehicles driving has never been safer, right? I mean, our cars can see other cars on the road and help us avoid accidents we didn’t even see coming. They can brake for us, keep us in our lane, and keep us from backing over anything or anyone. Soon there will be those automotive wonders that drive all by themselves. So it’s all tidy, safe, and secure. Maybe not.