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Categories: Safety

Nissan Seat Technology Keeps You Awake And Alert

On: Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 10:01AM | By: Chris Weiss

Nissan Seat Technology Keeps You Awake And Alert test 2

Anyone that's ever taken a road trip knows that staying awake on a long drive gets difficult after a while. There's a lot of boring, monotonous country out there and driving through it for hours on end is bound to make you yawn and blink a little more frequently than usual. Of course, falling asleep at the wheel isn't an option and sometimes you have to just chug caffeine, blast freezing outside air onto your face, slap yourself and otherwise power through. Nissan believes that it has yet another solution: fatigue-reducing seats.

The End Is Nigh: Google Patents Autonomous Driving

On: Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 5:11PM | By: Chris Salamone

Google Autonomous Car Team test 2

Motoring fans everywhere have witnessed a slow degradation of the driving experience for years. 6-speed manual transmissions have shifted to something entirely less exciting, the CVT, and the road-feel of yesterday’s vehicles has become a mere afterthought on the pillow-top suspensions of today. And yet, the savvy tycoons at Google have claimed yet another aspect of the automotive industry – this time chipping away at the very essence of what makes driving fun.

Originally filed May 11 of this year, the USPTO just recently awarded Google patent #8,078,349 which specifically claims ownership of certain events where a mixed-mode car can transition from a human driver to an autonomous mode.

NTSB Calls For Nationwide Ban On Cell Phone Use Of Any Kind Behind The Wheel

On: Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 2:14PM | By: Lou Ruggieri

NTSB Calls For Nationwide Ban On Cell Phone Use Of Any Kind Behind The Whee test 2

In a meeting Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that they are going to advocate a national ban on all non-emergency cell phone use. In their press release, the NTSB shared the results of an investigation in which they cited several examples of instances where cell phone distraction caused fatal accidents. In those examples, there is little anyone can do to argue the frightening nature of the carelessness displayed in those examples.

Given the nature of the current economy, it isn't hard to imagine that local government support of this ban should be extremely high (as will be their willingness to dole out a few more tickets for violations of said ban). But besides the obviously money-making potential, the NTSB does have a strong case.

Consider this -- just over 10,000 people lost their lives due to alcohol related accidents in 2010, while the number of distraction-related fatalities was just over 3,000. Using DUI related deaths as a benchmark, cell phones do indeed represent a significant threat to motorists everywhere. If there is still any doubt, read on for the full press release from the NTSB ...

128,000 Ford Fusions/Mercury Milans Recalled

On: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 9:52AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

128,000 Ford Fusions/Mercury Milans Recalled test 2

It seems Toyota isn't the only company issuing major recalls lately. Ford has just released a recall of 128,616 Fusion and Mercury Milan models that were equipped with standard 17-inch wheels. Why, you ask? Well, it seems that the wheel studs have a tendency to crack. On the low end of the spectrum, this may cause a noticeable vibration while driving, but on the more serious end cracked wheel studs could cause the entire wheel to separate from the car (yes, essentially the wheel could fall off) at speed. Cars affected were built from April 01-April 30 of 2009, as well as December 09, 2009 through November 13, 2010. Studs from all four wheels must be replaced, and will be at no cost to the owners of the cars.  

Read on for the full report...


7,000 Nissan Rogues Recalled

On: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 11:06AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

7,000 Nissan Rogues Recalled test 2

Apparently the devil really is in the details. If you own a Nissan Rogue made between August 17, 2010 and October 30, 2010 you might have already found that out the hard way. It seems that the circuit board for the power steering assist units may not have been installed correctly. Sounds troublesome doesn't it? A minor detail, yes, but one that can result in the connection between the solder and the circuit board becoming stressed to the point of separation ultimately resulting in the immediate failure of the power steering unit. Anyone that has had to deal with a non-working power steering unit, or is old enough to remember manual steering units will understand just how dangerous that could be at a moment’s notice, especially if the driver is not ready for it. Nissan is notifying owners, and has pledged to replace the circuit boards free of charge.

Read on for the full report...

126,000 Goldwing Motorcycles Recalled!

On: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 9:58AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

126,000 Goldwing Motorcylces Recalled! test 2

Basically, if you know anyone that owns a Honda Goldwing 1800 since the turn of the new millennium, have them bring their motorcycle back to the dealership asap. Other than model year 2011, Honda is bringing back 126,000 models from 2001-2010 and 2012 (somehow 2011 missed the boat, but if it were my 2011 bike, I might just bring it in to be sure). The problem they have found is due to a mechanical defect (or combination of defects), the rear brake may have a tendency to drag while the bike is in motion. Now, aside from the obvious issues in acceleration and maintenance of speed, there is also a chance that the dragging brake may generate enough heat and friction to catch ablaze -- not a good road trip most people's minds. Honda expects the recall to begin next month, but getting those bikes in early might not be such a bad idea.

Read on for the full report from Safercar.gov...

National Motorists Association Says No To Red Light Cameras With $10 Grand

On: Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 3:10PM | By: Chris Weiss

National Motorists Association Says No To Red Light Cameras With $10 Grand test 2

Red light cameras are one of the true thorns in the tires of motorists. Sure, if you're blatantly ignoring red lights and putting the public in grave danger, you deserve to be fined heavily. However, if you're a millisecond late on a left turn because some impatient yahoo in the opposing lane gunned it at the very last flash of yellow, you probably don't deserve to fall victim to the camera police.

Not surprisingly, the National Motorists Association, an organization devoted to promoting and protecting the rights of American motorists, doesn't like red light cameras any more than you. And it's putting its money where its mouth is.

Get More Fuel Economy From Your Car

On: Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 9:46AM | By: Chris Weiss

Get More Fuel Economy From Your Car test 2

With gas prices in constant fluctuation, we'd all love to own an all electric vehicle or high-mpg hybrid. In theory. In reality, electric cars don't travel all that far. And only a limited number of models, mostly small and mid-sized, have hybrid options. Plus, you probably already have a traditional gas powered car and may not have the money to replace it.

While buying the latest, most efficient car isn't always an option, there are many small things you can do to increase the efficiency of the car that you have. A new video from Yokohama Tires takes us through a few.

Press Release: New 2013 Cadillac XTS Control And Alert Strategy Assists Drivers

On: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 9:59AM | By: Peter C Sessler

2013 Cadillac XTS test 2

On the all-new XTS, Cadillac will debut a network of cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors to bolster driver vision and awareness of road hazards and intervene to help avert potential crashes. This is the strategy Cadillac calls control and alert.

In some cases, Cadillac’s enhanced vision and sensing systems will act without the driver, such as though automatic braking based on information indicating potential obstacles.

The new XTS contains several features using visual and audible alerts designed to identify potential threats with sufficient warning for the driver to react and make changes. One example is the Safety Alert Seat feature, which vibrates either the left or right side of the driver’s seat cushion depending on the location of the impending concern. Intervening features, such as automatic braking, take action automatically if the driver is slow to initially react.

New Holistic Racer Training Site SAFE Is Fast Is Serious, Star-Packed And FREE!

On: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 10:11AM | By: Andrew W Davis

SAFE Is Fast test 2

Now I was a high-performance-driving natural, earning seven straight Big Wheel Racing Championships in my neighborhood (and/or mind) before I turned pro at 11. Since then I’ve moved up the ranks to professional “production car test driver that sometimes does so on race tracks,” which—though short on trophies—is big on, well… seat-time, I suppose.

It took a long time—and many expensive driver training courses I mostly didn’t have to pay for—to get to my level of awesomeness. But let’s say you don’t have the “connections” it takes to bill someone else for your driver training, let alone the scratch it takes to pay your way into them the way you’re supposed to.

If only someone could package the combined knowledge of nearly every professional in auto racing—including drivers, team owners, car builders, receptionists, and anyone else nearby—regarding nearly every aspect of racing, into video clips that could be found at one slick website….

Toyota Recalls 420,000 Cars!

On: Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 9:09AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Toyota Recalls 420,000 Cars! test 2

Toyota voluntarily announced today one of the biggest recalls in automotive history, hauling back 420,200 vehicles for a faulty crankshaft pulley on one of its company V6 engines.  Models included in this are the 2004 Avalon, 2004-2005 Camry, Highlander, Sienna, and Solara, 2006 Highlander HV, as well as 2004-2005 Lexus ES330, 2004-2005 RX330, and 2006 RX400h models.

Thankfully no accidents have been reported, but Toyota isn't taking any chances. If you own one of these models and hear any strange noises coming from the engine bay, you can call the company to make an appointment ASAP. In terms of the technical side of things, Toyota says the outer ring of the crankshaft pulley might not be aligned correctly with the inner ring, which could ultimately result in power steering pump belt coming detached from the crank pulley and creating a sudden change in steering.  

Read on for the full report from the Toyota pressroom ...