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Categories: Car News

GM Offers Buyout To Skilled Trade Workers

On: Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 12:06PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

GM Offers Buyout To Skilled Trade Workers test 1-1

The United Auto Workers Union (UAW) and General Motors officials announced on December 13th  that the company will be offering a onetime $60,000 payment to entice skilled trade workers into retirement, or to encourage workers to leave the company. The offer is being made to workers presently employed at one of the 13 plants where GM plans to trim its workforce.

The buyout will be on the table until it expires on March 1st, 2011. This announcement comes just days after GM CEO Dan Akerson made it clear that he wants to boost certain key executive salaries to keep them from taking better paying positions with competitors.

Hyundai Has A Great November, Audi Celebrates The Entire Year

On: Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 11:57AM | By: John Welch

Hyundai Has A Great November, Audi Celebrates The Entire Year test 1-1

. . . The financial reports keep flowing in. In a time when companies aren't hiring, money isn't being passed around, the rich are getting richer while the poor are becoming more poor (sic), how in the hell have we managed to buy 93,507 freaking Audis this year? Eclipsing the old Audi of North America sales record of 93,506, 2010 has been an excellent year for the brand from Ingolstadt. Seriously, Audis are not cheap; how did America manage to purchase so many of them in this, the year of corporate excuse making? Please, upper-crust America, try not to tell me that you can't afford to rehire laid-off workers from your iPhone at the em-effing Audi dealership. I might not have your booze-soaked University of Phoenix business degree, but I'm not stupid. There isn't anything wrong with your two-year-old A6, it isn't our fault you were too ignorant to get the S6 when you had the chance.

A more sensible collection of Americans (the lucky few who got to keep their jobs, albeit with a significant cut in salary and benefits) have made November the best month ever for Hyundai's North American arm. 40,723 transactions, up 45% over Nov. 2009, show that the Koreans are major players in the US market. They should not be taken lightly. With the introduction of the new Elantra and Equus, Hyundai will probably stay strong through the historically weak months of December and January. Who knows, maybe if I were to see more executives driving the Equus I might shelve my daily penchant to drag one of these greedy Birkenstock wearing thieves out of their car and forcefully point their beady eyes at the turn arrow they are ignoring in favor of their phone. You might not have to be anywhere on time, Pig Dog, but I'm late for work. The AutoShopper is way more important than your mobile phone-based bank robbery . . . maybe I should just find a new route in the morning . . .

Chevy Planning A Volt Crossover For Detroit

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 4:09PM | By: Chris Weiss

Chevy Planning A Volt Crossover For Detroit  test 1-1

Chevy has barely gotten its first batch of Volts out of its Hamtramck plant in Michigan, but word is that it will be giving the world a glimpse of its next range-extending model next month at the North American International Auto Show. Reportedly called the Chevy Amp, the new vehicle will be a 5-person MPV or crossover based upon the range-extending powertrain of the Volt.

Automaker's Reputation on Google is Now Made Public

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 3:56PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Automaker's Reputation on Google is Now Made Public test 1-1

Google’s policies and procedures have a significant impact on commerce-related advertising, so the recent changes pertaining to the way Google lists automotive dealers online is causing auto retailers to adjust their online marketing strategies in order to effectively keep up with competitors. With regard to automotive listings, Google previously inserted a few random reviews from other websites, such as “DealerRater.com,” next to a local automotive dealer listing. 

Now Google reveals to surfers who are searching online for dealerships, the actual number of reviews that a dealership has received, then goes as far as to post the average customer ratings taken from all reviews, right next to the dealership listing. All potential customers can now evaluate previous consumers' experiences before ever visiting the dealership. 

The ratings that now appear next to each dealer’s listing on Google are exhibited as a 1 to 5 star rating.


Update: Ram Recall Now Includes 2010 And 2011 Models

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 12:50PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Update: Ram Recall Now Includes 2010 And 2011 Models test 1-1

Chrysler Group has announced a recent recall of approximately 76,000 Dodge Ram pickup trucks, with diesel engines, for a glitch in the braking system that could cause braking problems resulting in a significant safety issue for drivers.

The Dodge Ram pickup models involved in the recall are model years 2010 and 2011. The trucks were built in Saltillo, Mexico, between March 2009 and October 2010, then shipped to the U.S.

Nissan Delivers First Production Leaf

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:56AM | By: Chris Weiss

Nissan Delivers First Production Leaf  test 1-1

The mass-produced electric vehicle era is officially underway! Nissan has delivered its very first Leaf to a customer in northern California, marking the completion of the sale of the very first mass-produced EV. The Nissan Leaf is now an official market reality.

Chrysler's New Jeep Compass

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:53AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

2011 Jeep Compass test 2

There are some sure signs that the holidays are upon us; in the automotive world that means that many new autos will be unveiled in showrooms across the country. There is no denying the fact that this is the time of the year when new models begin rolling out, some of which may end up with jumbo red ribbons sitting in driveways on Christmas morning. Chrysler is getting into the spirit by unwrapping their new, revamped Jeep Compass. One glance and you’ll see why this car is going to make it on to a lot of wish lists.

Honda Previews Next-Gen Civic With Detroit Concept

On: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:24AM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda Previews Next-Gen Civic With Detroit Concept  test 1-1

Honda is hard at work developing the next generation Civic, a model that will debut for the 2012 model year. It plans to preview the model in concept form at the 2011 North American International Auto Show (Detroit) next month, and released a single teaser rendering of the concept this week, providing a sneak preview of what the next Civic will look like.

Analysts Project Auto Sales Could Reach 14 Million for 2011

On: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:19PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Analysts Project Auto Sales Could Reach 14 Million for 2011 test 1-1

A number of analysts, who were recently polled, projected a rise of around 10% in U.S. auto sales for next year. That would amount to around 11.5 million cars being sold. However, at least one analyst predicted a sales volume that was much higher. More importantly, there is evidence to back up this rather optimistic perspective.

“Morgan Stanley says consumer creditworthiness is improving so rapidly that lenders are about to loosen credit dramatically—and that will rocket the market to 14 million units in 2011,” as reported on autonews.com.

Ford to Unveil B-Max Minivan Concept Vehicle In Europe

On: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 2:46PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

2011 Ford S-Max test 2

A new concept vehicle was introduced to the public back in March at the Geneva auto show. The vehicle itself is a minivan which is likely to be named B-Max. This vehicle is a five-seater minivan complete with rear sliding doors. Ford plans to integrate the B-Max subcompact minivan into its line-up of European minivan offerings, the medium-sized C-Max and the larger S-Max and Galaxy.

European sales of the B-Max minivan are scheduled to commence in early 2012 at the Ford facility located in Craiova, Romania. The plans are in place to produce around 150,000 of these small-statured minivans per year, most of which will be exported to various countries in Europe. There are currently no plans in place to sell B-Max in the United States.

Toyota Will Recall 94,000 Siennas for Defective Switch Brackets

On: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 2:09PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Toyota Will Recall 94,000 Siennas for Defective Switch Brackets test 1-1

Toyota Motor Corp. added yet another recall to its growing list. The automaker is voluntarily recalling about 94,000 Toyota Sienna minivans produced before early November. The Siennas were recalled for defective stop lamp switch brackets, placed near the parking brake, that are necessary to engage the brake lights.