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Categories: Car News

2012 Nissan GT-R Cuts 0-to-60 Under 3 Seconds

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 4:44PM | By: Chris Weiss

2012 Nissan GT-R Cuts 0-to-60 Under 3 Seconds test 1-1

The new Nissan GT-R may have inched ever closer to the $100,000 threshold, but it looks like the price increase will be worth it. According to a leaked GT-R owner's manual, the 2012 model brings back a sorely missed feature: launch control. And with launch control comes acceleration times that will put the car in the conversation with some of the world's most elite supercars. In getting their hands on the GT-R manual, car sleuths at the North American GT-R Owner's Club identified what Nissan calls "R Mode Start Function," or what's essentially an updated version of launch control.

Signs For A Recovering Automotive Market Look Good

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 4:37PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Signs For A Recovering Automotive Market Look Good test 1-1

Great news for the automotive industry was reported over this past holiday season. It wasn’t just a typical year of spending time with friends and family. Actually, the good news was about all of those presents that were purchased. Now, before you bemoan the commercialization of the season, keep in mind that what happens over the holidays, in terms of consumer's purchases, has quite an impact on the rest of the year. When shelves are emptied manufacturers have to make more stuff which means more factory workers, truckers, and sales folks are going to be kept busy.

Detroit Auto Show Thumbs Up Or Down For New Vehicle Popularity

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 4:27PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Detroit Auto Show Thumbs Up Or Down For New Vehicle Popularity test 1-1

The old saying "everybody is a critic" rings true for movies, music, television, but particularly for auto shows. We all have our favorites. One person’s love of the Corvette can’t compare with another person’s love of the Mini Cooper. This year’s Detroit Auto Show proved to be no exception when it came to a variety of opinions about all the new designs, the fresh concepts, and whether or not the Detroit's Big 3 really are back from the brink of ruin.

Aston Martin Cygnet To Launch With Two Salt-and-Pepper Special Editions

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 3:33PM | By: Chris Weiss

Aston Martin Cygnet test 2

Ahhhh...my least favorite Aston Martin to write about. Ever. It's the portly nugget known as the Cygnet—or as a tarted up, overpriced Toyota iQ if you prefer. And I do prefer.

Well, despite my utter disdain for the Cygnet, I suppose this is about the best that it can get. Aston Martin announced last week that it will kick-off Cygnet production with two limited edition models, one Black and one White. The understated look of the neutral Cygnets is definitely better than some of the zany customization options that Aston will make available to customers.


UAW Teams Up With NFL Players

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 3:14PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

UAW Teams Up With NFL Players test 1-1

The United Auto Workers union is teaming up with the National Football League Players for a potential “brothers-in-arms” type of co-mingling as the NFL players square off against the owners and face a potential lockout. The first step of this new union merger is for all UAW members to sign an online petition of support for the football players. Beyond that, it could mean auto workers standing shoulder to shoulder with players on a picket line.

“It doesn't matter if you work on the assembly line or on the line of scrimmage, You still have a boss, and the boss is still out to take what he can from you.” Gary Casteel, a regional director of the UAW, said in a speech this week to a UAW conference in Washington.

Saab Plans To Unveil 9-5 SportCombi Wagon At Geneva This Year

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 11:03AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Saab Plans To Unveil 9-5 SportCombi Wagon At Geneva This Year test 1-1

The dust won’t be settled on the Detroit Auto Show when the next big auto extravaganza begins. This time all eyes in the automotive industry will be focused on the 81st Geneva International Motor Show. The show will run from March 3rd  through March 13th at the Geneva Palexpo. One of the 82 auto manufactures scheduled to priemier new cars at the show will be Saab. Saab will introduce the all new 9-5 SportCombi wagon. This reimagined SportCombi will gets its inspiration from the 9-5 sedan. America buyers will have to hold back their excitement until the fall when the car will become available at North American dealerships for the first time.

Ethanol Fuel Standards Get A Boost From EPA

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 8:29AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Ethanol Fuel Standards Get A Boost From EPA test 1-1

Back during WWII, Americans were encouraged to start their own Victory Gardens. By growing their own produce they could effectively take the burden off farmers, who needed to send food to the men and women fighting overseas. These gardens were all the rage. Now, new versions of Victory Gardens are cropping up all over as more and more folks are turning to the “organic way of life” to feed their families. One by-product of a home garden could be feeding your car as well. The EPA announced today that they are easing the mixture content on gasoline and ethanol from 10% limit to a boosted 15% limit. Good news for people who want to make more home-grown fuels. Bad news for automakers, so they say.

New Video Of The Tesla Model S

On: Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 2:38AM | By: Chris Weiss

New Video Of The Tesla Model S  test 1-1

Next year, the Tesla Roadster will get a larger brother. Originally shown in 2009, the Tesla Model S is an electric sedan that will package Tesla's electric powertrain know-how in a more practical, more affordable car for the masses. Tesla is still refining and developing the Model S and has released a new video of the latest version of the sedan.

The Model S here is an Alpha version that Tesla is currently testing with plans to build the Beta version later this year. The newest prototype features much of the same styling as the original, but gets a few changes, including the new air intakes up front. View the video after the jump.

LaHood Continues To Voice Safety Issues Regarding Distracted Driving

On: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 3:49PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

LaHood Continues To Voice Safety Issues Regarding Distracted Driving  test 1-1

It seems like a fairly clear-cut case of the law of cause and effect in action; when you drive, a quick distraction can cause an accident. A person driving on the road needs to process many factors all in a simultaneous rotation: what’s in front, what’s in back, what’s to the sides, what’s the speed, what the road like. That’s a lot to keep track of when you’re moving a massive amount of steel at high velocities. Now add into that mix the distraction of texting, talking on the phone, and otherwise being distracted with gadgets and gizmos and you can see what this is matter of concern for many. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has made distracted driving top of the list of his safety agenda.

“We will not be deterred by false choices about addressing distracted driving on the one hand and alternative critical safety issues on the other,” LaHood said today in Washington. He was responding to criticism from the former head of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Jeffrey Runge.

New Ford Transit Taxi Runs On Natural Gas

On: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 1:33PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Ford Transit Connect Taxis test 2

In many major metropolitan centers, taxis are the lifeblood of the transportation system. Without them, many folks would be stranded. If you really want to know what’s going on in a town, ask a cabbie! It’s also a lot of fun when you’ve got an enthusiastic cabbie who is willing to share his/her stories with you. Over in the Windy City of Chicago, there’re going to be some welcome new additions to their cab fleet in the form of the Ford Transit Connect Taxis. These are the alternative-fuel cars that are getting rave reviews from passengers, drivers, and citizens alike.

In each major city, the Taxi Medallion Management runs the cab fleet and gets to say who drives what. The Chicago version of the Medallion Management branch ordered up 12 of the clean-burning compressed natural gas or CNG for their fleet. These new taxis will fly the banner of the Yellow Cab Chicago.

Spyker Aileron C8 Spyder To Get Corvette ZR1 Power?

On: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 12:48PM | By: Chris Weiss

Spyker Aileron C8 Spyder To Get Corvette ZR1 Power? test 1-1

Nearly two years ago, at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the Netherlands-based supercar-maker Spyker announced a Spyder version of its second-generation C8 Aileron. It unveiled the model a few months later in Pebble Beach and the world was astounded by the muscular, aero-inspired, electric/hydraulic-roofed beauty. Unfortunately for that world—particularly the wealthiest segment of it—the Aileron Spyder has existed merely as a show car ever since. It shows its sexy face at big auto shows around the world, but has not yet made it out of the factory, despite production originally being planned for the first half of last year.

Sure, Spyker has been busy with acquiring and resurrecting Saab, but is it too much to ask for them to focus on their bread and butter?