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Categories: Aftermarket

Sorry Chrysler: You Don't Own Ad Rights To Detroit

On: Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 9:23AM | By: Chris Weiss

Sorry Chrysler: You Don't Own Ad Rights To Detroit test 1-1

Well, here's a brilliant victory for the little guy. Though I went on a pretty big rant against Chrysler in its lawsuit against a Detroit-area clothing company that used the popular "Imported From Detroit" slogan in a line of clothes, I really suspected that the court was going to side with the much bigger, more powerful automaker. But a Detroit federal court has ruled against Chrysler in trying to stop Pure Detroit from using the phrase, paving the way for the clothing company to keep selling "Imported from Detroit" clothes.

Toyota (With A Straight Face) Announces The Prius Plus Performance Package

On: Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 1:50PM | By: Andrew W Davis

2011 Prius with PLUS Performance Package test 2

“Developed to meet the evolving demands of the growing hybrid segment, PLUS enhances the driving experience for Toyota hybrid enthusiasts by offering cool and fun accessories that add sporty looks with performance handling.”

Despite the fact that “cool” and “fun” are two things NO Prius could EVER be to many, those crazy cats over at Toyota Racing Development are going to give the Prius—yep, all models—a “performance” makeover as the “first installment of the new PLUS brand of accessories from Toyota.”

This “exciting”—another non-Prius adjective—“new accessory package for 2011” isn’t half-bad, with many of the same kind of performance-enhancing bits that wouldn’t seem so out of place if they didn’t come in a Prius wrapper.

So, here’s the question: Did TRD transform a Prius into something that people who actually CARE about cars won’t be ashamed to be seen in? You decide!

The $2.3 Million Pagani Zonda F Final Edition

On: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 3:22PM | By: Chris Weiss

The $2.3 Million Pagani Zonda F Final Edition  test 2

The Huayra is preparing to officially take over as Pagani's flagship car. Overall that's a great thing; the Huayra is curvier, more powerful, and overall refined from the Zonda. Onwards and upwards. But you still have to be a little sentimental over the end of the Zonda era. It was, after all, Pagani's first offering, cementing the Argentinean/Italian's reputation for rare, exotic hypercars.

Well, if you're currently shedding a tear for the Zonda, there's good news: You have the chance to own one of only about two dozen Zonda F Clubsport Roadster Final Edition models. I should add that you have that chance only if you have an extra $2.3 million ready to devote to a four-wheeled toy.

Bentley Introduces Its Mulliner More-So For The 2012 Continental GT

On: Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 9:44AM | By: Andrew W Davis

2012 Bentley Continental GT with Mulliner Classic Pack test 2

If you were thinking of plopping down your $200k on a new 2012 Bentley Continental GT coupe but felt it was too short on carbon-fiber (or “fibre” as those crazy Brits put it) exterior widgets, Bentley has just the thing for you: its new “Mulliner Styling Specification” gear.

Either in full body-kit form as the “Classic Pack” and/or individually-orderable “design features,” the folks at Crewe have gone carbon-crazy. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re bypassing the usual ride-pimpers to offer a direct-to-consumer 21-inch “Elegant” alloy wheel option, too.

Now you should be forced to do the right thing and opt for it all at once for “just” $29,459, but seeing as how the Conti is Bentley’s “budget” model, they’re giving you skinflints the option to buy some bits by themselves.

Well, of COURSE I know YOU don’t have to ask, as we can both clearly afford it (all). But for all the plebeians out there, details follow…


Good Move/Bad Move? Nissan Launches Mobile EV Charging Station

On: Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 4:28PM | By: Chris Weiss

Nissan Launches Mobile EV Charging Station  test 2

In building the market's first real, mass-produced electric vehicle, Nissan bravely went where no other automakers were ready to go. And now it's going somewhere else where no other automaker has gone. But the question is: should it? 

One of the primary reasons that other automakers are focusing more on hybrids and range-extenders is range issues. Batteries can get you only a fraction of the distance of gas engines and hybrid powertrains. Now, if there was a robust electrical charging infrastructure on highways and byways, this wouldn't be as much of an issue. But since there isn't, people are basically limited to home and work charging, something that's given way to the rightful fear of getting stranded. It's called range anxiety and it's a major obstacle that electric-vehicle manufacturers face.

Apple's Iron Fist Gets It Right: No More DUI Checkpoint Apps On iTunes

On: Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 4:08PM | By: Chris Weiss

DUI Checkpoint Apps on iTunes test 2

I can't say I'm the biggest Apple fan. The company just tries to exert way too much control over its products, third-party developers building software for its products, and its customers. Imagine if your computer came from the store with all kinds of websites disabled, limiting what you could access on the Internet. In my opinion, people should be able to make decisions as to what content they can access on their own equipment.

But Apple has always maintained tight control over applications that run on the iPhone and iPad, famously banning all porn-y apps from the App Store. It reviews each app one by one, and then decides whether or not it's appropriate for the App Store—the only place to buy apps for Apple products. A little overbearing, to say the least.

Naked and Beautiful: Dodge Viper (Minus Body) Does Burnout

On: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 10:40AM | By: Chris Weiss

Naked and Beautiful: Dodge Viper (Minus Body) Does Burnout  test 2

Apparently Viper fans are getting a little impatient and rambunctious waiting for the 2013 Viper to rear its scaly, triangular head. And when fans of fast, powerful cars get bored, mayhem has a way of ensuing.

Breaking about every rule in the safety book, a Swedish tuner set the Viper loose for some drifting debauchery. Okay, nothing too crazy about that. Only the Viper in question didn't have a body.

First Official Pics: Honda CR-Z Mugen Hot Hatch

On: Mon, May 23, 2011 at 5:21PM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda CR-Z Mugen test 2

Honda has released the first official photos of the CR-Z Mugen, a tuned-up concept that will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this July. The prototype is a supercharged version of the CR-Z that adds some pep and performance to the hatch's eco-heavy resume.

The CR-Z Mugen is being developed jointly by Honda and Honda's tuning arm Mugen Euro. It will provide an enviable mix of hybrid-powered fuel economy and on-tap speed and performance.

Lamborghini Aventador Already Getting Tuned

On: Fri, May 20, 2011 at 8:53AM | By: Chris Weiss

Lamborghini Aventador Already Getting Tuned test 1-1

Like the all-new Aventador, but don't like the all-wheel drive system? Or maybe you just want a more exclusive, tuned version? Either way, tuner Oakley Designs has developed just what you need: the Aventador LP760-2.

Two things are immediately apparent when you see Oakley's package: it's got 60 extra horses and two less wheels of drive power over the standard Aventador 'LP700-4.' The former comes by way of a larger airbox, titanium exhaust system, and bigger intake feed pipe diameter. Along with the 760 horses, Oakley aims for 550 lb-ft of torque (up from 508).

Best Buy May Start Selling Electric Cars

On: Fri, May 13, 2011 at 2:00PM | By: Chris Weiss

Best Buy May Start Selling Electric Cars  test 2

With advent of electric vehicles, the electronic and automotive industries have moved closer than ever. Electric vehicles are now just large, battery-powered electronics. Best Buy has slowly been wedging its way into the electric vehicle market, providing an alternative to automotive dealerships. Presently, Best Buy's automotive presence is limited to electric bikes by manufacturers like Brammo and charging station installation for hardware from Ford and Mitsubishi. But the electronics giant is considering getting into actual electric car sales.

Blue On Black: Mopar '11 Charger Revealed

On: Fri, May 13, 2011 at 10:19AM | By: Andrew W Davis

2011 Mopar '11 Charger production model test 2

Though there’s already a rather thick lineup of Dodge Charger models, those crazy kids at Mopar have gone ahead and added one more: the Mopar '11 Charger.

Intended to fill the gap between R/T and SRT, this murdered-out Mopar is meant to give buyers an idea of what they, the Mopar catalog, and a high-limit credit card could do to the already zoomy Charger R/T.

Just 1,000 Mopar ’11 Chargers will be built—900 for us, 100 for Canada—with MSRP of $39,750, or $4,580 higher than the most expensive Charger, the $35,170 Charger R/T Max.

[It joins the Charger R/T ($30,170), R/T Plus ($32,170) and R/T Road and Track Package ($33,170) models already offered by Dodge. I told you the lineup was thick, and those are just the R/Ts….]

But let’s get to what that Mopar-izing means to you…