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Categories: Special / Limited Edition

Mustang Boss Makes a Comeback

On: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 4:30PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Mustang Boss Makes a Comeback test 1-1

The charismatic Ford Mustang has taken on many forms in the past, but there is one model that has remained mostly elusive, with a few “track-only” specials, sold in very limited quantities. That model is the Boss Mustang.  

The new Boss muscle car was modeled after the late 1960s and early 70s famous Bosses that were well known for great looks and high performance. But according to Automotive News: “Ford is quick to point out the new Boss 302 is more than a trip down memory lane.”   

The new Boss was unveiled at Laguna Seca this week.  According to Ford Motor Co, the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is the “quickest, best-handling straight-production Mustang ever offered by Ford.”

As far as the exterior is concerned, the designers attempted to keep the new Boss in line with the appearance of the 1969 model. The grille is unique to the 2012 Boss, and the front splitter resembles the 302E racer. Aerodynamic changes include a deeper front air dam and a rear spoiler. A black or white roof panel complements the exterior appearance, and the body of the new Boss comes in the nostalgic racing car colors of bright blue, yellow, orange, red, and white.

AutoShopperBlog Personas For Mozilla Firefox!

On: Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 12:04PM | By: John Welch

AutoShopperBlog Personas For Mozilla Firefox!  test 1-1

We know you love reading the AutoShopperBlog on a daily basis, not because you have to, because you want to. With that in mind we have developed a way for Mozilla Firefox users to stare at their favorite AutoShopper photography instead of finishing those dreaded TPS Reports. These "Personas" work only with Firefox , are free, and feature as much racing hooliganism as we can fit into a 3000x200 rectangle. A very kewl way to spice up your browser that doesn't involve unicorns or Japanese animation or blinged-out Escalades that are so off center you can see only half of one massive chromed wheel.

We have submitted three Mozilla Personas to Firefox so far, but will be adding more weekly. Click inside the post to adorn your browser with some AutoShopper eye-candy . . .

Why Did the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake Sell for $5 Million?

On: Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 4:01PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Why Did the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake Sell for $5 Million? test 1-1

The 1966 Cobra “Super Snake” was one of the most inspiring automobiles ever designed. On September 7, 1965 CSX 3015 was shipped to Ford Advanced Vehicles Department, just before Carroll Shelby transformed CSX 3015 into the 'Super Snake' Shelby. Shelby was already a world-famous race driver by 1959, when he won LeMans for Aston Martin.

The 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake was a race car adapted for street use. Cobras combined Ford V-8 engines and lightweight British AC Ace bodies to create some of the most sought-after domestic cars ever made.

The Super Snake has an outrageous 427cubic inch, 800hp twin Paxton supercharged V8 with a super three-speed automatic transmission. Shelby drove the Cobra in a running of the "Turismos Visitadores" in Nevada. In February 1968, Road & Track referred to CSX3015 as ''The Cobra to End All Cobras.''

The one-of-a-kind muscle car started life as one of 23 Cobra competition roadsters and was made legal for the street with the addition of mufflers, bumpers, and other requirements. The roadster's aluminum body was upgraded with flared fenders that extended over gumball tires.

Chevy Gets a Woody in an Artsy Sort of Way

On: Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 9:23AM | By: Chris Weiss

Chevy Gets a Woody in an Artsy Sort of Way  test 1-1

Showing that you don't have to live in southern California to rock a little gnar, Chevrolet of Europe introduced the Spark Woody yesterday at the Boardmasters surf, skate and music festival in the U.K. The supermini hatch features a prominent serving of woody station wagon circa the 1950s and 60s. Unfortunately for anyone who thinks the surf-ready ride looks like what they've been craving in their driveways, the car is but a one-off art car that won't be available for sale.


New Pictures of Ferrari 458 Challenge Go Live

On: Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:09AM | By: Chris Weiss

New Pictures of Ferrari 458 Challenge Go Live test 1-1

Ferrari introduced its track-only version of the 458 several weeks ago, but until this week, we were left with but one picture of what the car looks like. Finally Ferrari has released a few live action shots of the 458 Challenge and it looks just as good from the back as it does the front. The cherry red trackster posed for a couple of shots during testing at the Vallelunga circuit.

Revealed at Ferrari's annual dealer meeting in mid-July, the Ferrari 458 Challenge is an all-performance, track-only version of the 458 Italia. Ferrari chose to transfer the 570-hp V8 engine from the 458 Italia without any tuning, instead focusing on fine-tuning the gear ratios and calibration of the dual-clutch F1 transmission to deliver higher torque at lower revolutions. Ferrari also made the 458 Challenge the first of its track cars to sport an E-Diff electronic differential.

The 458 Challenge also benefits from Ferrari's in-house-developed F1-Trac system, which features two settings for wet and dry conditions, providing maximum grip through both. The E-Diff and F1-Trac systems work together to deliver acceleration out of corners. Like the F1-Trac, the ABS system includes two settings: low grip and high performance. All the controls for those three systems are available to the driver on the steering wheel.

World's Fastest Production Car Battle Heats Up

On: Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 9:17AM | By: Chris Weiss

World's Fastest Production Car Battle Heats Up  test 1-1

On a bright, sunny July 3 afternoon, Bugatti driver Pierre Henri Raphanel slowly fastened his helmet, pulled his racing gloves over his digits, and took the wheel for what would become a run of legend. With more than a little help from the ginormous, grumbling 1,200 hp W16 engine of the flamboyant, black-and-bright-orange Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, Raphanel set a new production car world speed record that was verified by the Guiness Book of World Records, who were there to witness the feat. His time? 268 mph, a full 12 mph over the previous record held by SSC Ultimate Aero TT. The only trouble for Bugatti now is that SSC is back with a new and improved Ultimate Aero and has its sights set squarely on Bugatti's new record. We'll see what type of supercar they'll be challenging it with in just a few short weeks.

British Aim to Break 1000 MPH With Bloodhound SSC

On: Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 8:52AM | By: Chris Weiss

British Aim to Break 1000 MPH  With Bloodhound SSC test 1-1

The Bloodhound SSC is on its way toward becoming the fastest "car" in the world, with plans to make it the first wheeled vehicle to boast four-figure speeds. A model of the British streamliner recently made its debut at the U.K.'s Farnborough International Airshow. Measuring about 42 feet long, the model gives a sneak peak of what type of space-age voodoo will be employed to break the current absolute land speed record by over 200 mph.

If you look in the record books today, you'll see that the absolute land speed record set in the Black Rock Desert more than 10 years ago stands at a towering 763 mph. For anyone that's ever driven 150 mph or even 100 mph, that seems like unimaginable speed in a land-based vehicle. But for the team of automotive engineers that made it possible, it's more of a starting point, a gauntlet to do better. You see, it was their vehicle—the ThrustSSC—that set the record back in 1997, surpassing the previous record—also held by the Thrust team—by over 130 mph, while becoming the first land vehicle to break the speed of sound (761 mph). The average group of mortals would be pretty satisfied with that lofty feat, but this particular engineering team, along with its 166 sponsors, simply shifted its goals higher, undertaking the monumental objective of breaking the 1,000 mph mark three years ago.

Chevrolet Caprice PPV Detective Package; We Want A Cop Car

On: Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 12:28PM | By: John Welch

Chevrolet Caprice PPV Detective Package; We Want A Cop Car test 1-1

Chevrolet keeps giving us reasons to believe that, maybe, one day, they will bring back V8-powered Austrailian sedans like the now deceased Pontiac G8. Based on the Holden Commadore, the G8 offered near-BMW levels of dynamic satisfaction while packing a small block and an American badge. It wasn't around long enough and we miss it dearly.

The obvious thing to do, it would seem, would be to slap a bow tie on the G8's nose, call it a Caprice, and continue selling it. The problem here is that the G8 didn't sell in large enough numbers to justify the tooling needed to make the Pontiac-Chevy switch. A nice excuse, if they weren't building these things for the police. Which means they have the tooling. Which means there is no reason why I can't go order up a Matte Black SWB Caprice with a 6.0 liter something or other and a manual tranny. None, completely ridiculous.

Though I can't explain GM's weird, masochistic need to keep its best products to itself, I can tell you everything about the Caprice Police Package. Though we have reported on the PPV before, we now have the enitre GM Fleet Sales order sheet. Details inside the post . . .

Last Dodge Viper Rolls Off the Assembly Line

On: Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 10:01AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Last Dodge Viper Rolls Off the Assembly Line test 1-1

In Detroit news, the very last Dodge Viper rolled off the assembly line as 400 loyal Viper owners and members from both the Motor City Viper Club and the Viper Club of America participated in a celebration to watch the presentation of the factory custom, 2010 Viper Coupe being given to new owner D’Ann Rauh by Dodge Brand President and CEO Ralph Gilles.

New owner, D’Ann, and her husband, Wayne Raugh, from Arp, Texas, own more than 40 Dodge Vipers—the largest personal collection of Vipers in the world.

This was the last of the current generation of Vipers built at the Connor Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit. A spokesperson for Chrysler stated that “Dodge has created more special-edition Viper models for the 2010 model year than all other years that the Viper was produced combined. Assembly of the Dodge Viper started in 1992.”

Rauh, who is a member of the Mid-South Viper Club of America, was given the privilege of working with the design specialists at Chrysler, in order to select many of the custom personal features that she wanted on her car.

Like many other final models built, the 2010 Viper SRT10 Coupe was a highly customized special edition. Rauh was allowed to work directly with the design team to select a custom bronze gold exterior paint supplied by the “House of Koler.”  The extraordinary paint job was complimented by two racing stripes painted by Bob Soroka, from Chrysler Group LLC's Street and Racing Technology team, featuring airbrushed layouts of Viper-significant race tracks into the custom-painted copper stripes. The five-spoke forged-aluminum wheels are custom painted in the color—dark graphite.

Sweet New McLaren on the Way: MP4-12C

On: Mon, May 24, 2010 at 11:29AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

McLaren MP4-12C test 2

If you love Formula 1 racing cars, there is a good chance you know about Ron Dennis. This is the man who essentially became the head of operations for the McLaren Formula 1 racing staff nearly three decades ago. Now, he is setting up his own operations to manufacture what he calls the “Expensive Swiss watch of luxury cars". Indeed, one look (skip to photos) at this fancy, sleek & sporty car will make you say Awesome. However, this does make one ponder such questions like, how much does it cost? What are the features and specs? Where is it being made? And when will it be on the market for sale in the US?

As to why he (Dennis) has plans for making a street version of these very popular racing cars, in an interview with BBC News he answered that question, where he states, “We are exposing our brand through going motor racing.”

He further adds in the BBC interview, “It shows off our technology. We make no secret of the fact that we want to take technology that we've developed in F1 and bring that into our production cars.”

The creation of the estimated £40m (around sixty some-odd million dollars US) manufacturing plant will create at least three hundred jobs in the small and homey town where Dennis grew up, Surrey (UK). Aside from this model, which the company plans on launching sometime in 2011, they also have plans to make a vast array of other related sports cars over the next decade. So one would have a good mind to think that there are some cool innovations yet to come from Dennis’ line of luxury cars.

Criminals Beware: 2011 Ford Police Interceptor is a High-Tech Crime-Stopper!

On: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 11:55AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

2011 Ford Police Interceptor test 2

Police nationwide are offering their salvos to the Dearborn automaker, Ford Motor Corporation, for their newest line of criminal defender vehicles that is already in production for police stations, substations, and facilities nationwide: The 2011 Ford Police Interceptor. There have been some vast improvements made upon this car, even from their last line, the 10’ receptor, and then some! Even better: the newer model ditches the ugly old Crown Victoria model—which is curvy and outdated’and replaces it with a flashier and much more aesthetically pleasing Taurus sedan. But don’t get anything wrong: this is not your average Ford Taurus. Far from it, in fact!