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Categories: Auto Shows

Avoiding Classic Car Theft

On: Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 1:52PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

Avoiding Classic Car Theft test 1-1

Week after week, my heart breaks for my fellow collector car owners who fall victim to car theft. It seems like every time I look for parts for my classic, I run into craigslist ads that read something like “Please keep an eye out for my mint condition (insert classic car here), stolen from my garage”, and so on. Here’s some information you need to keep your classic better protected.


On: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 4:55PM | By: Karen Cook


The 2014 Geneva Auto Show is giving car enthusiasts a lot to get excited about. For example, Nissan has released its new Smart Rearview Mirror which should be good news to everyone—from designers to drivers—concerned with automobiles.

Volvo Futuristic Retro Concept

On: Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 11:51AM | By: Karen Cook

Volvo Futuristic Retro Concept test 1-1

Volvo recently unveiled a concept vehicle at the 2014 Geneva Auto that previewed what can be expected from this automaker in the years to come. The Concept Estate uses modern technology mixed with vintage looks to make it a fun drive, yet remain a very capable vehicle.

Renault Shows Buzzy Concept Car

On: Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 8:56AM | By: Chris Weiss

Renault Shows Buzzy Concept Car test 1-1

Renault is a marque that doesn't get a whole lot of buzz outside of Europe, but it's fixing to change that. At the Delhi Auto Show earlier this month, the French automaker revealed the first concept car that it's debuted outside of its home continent. The Kwid combines bio-inspired design with a companion drone that keeps an eye on traffic.


New Ford Expedition Revealed

On: Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 4:45PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

New Ford Expedition Revealed test 1-1

Only a few short years ago, the Ford Expedition reminded me of a dinosaur waiting for a comet to come wipe it out. However, Ford isn’t ready to give up on the full-size sport utility vehicle segment—they have big plans for their new Expedition. Ford has made some pretty big mid-generational changes to the 2015 model in order to stay competitive and keep consumers on the hook.

Ford Rescues the Snowbound

On: Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 5:04PM | By: Karen Cook

Ford Rescues the Snowbound test 1-1

This winter has been one of the snowiest in recent memory. I live in Florida, so I haven’t seen a flake but I watch the weather and I’ve seen the mounds blocking roadways and making driving dangerous. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own snow plow? It sure would beat shoveling snow. At least, I assume it would; I’ve never done it myself.

Carbon Fiber Vs Steel

On: Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 3:45PM | By: Karen Cook

Carbon Fiber Vs Steel test 1-1

The Detroit Auto Show held earlier this month abounded with cars sporting the latest in technological applications. A popular trend among manufacturers appears to be carbon fiber used in the body of their vehicles. Previously this sort of thing would be reserved for race cars or high-end luxury cars due to the expense of producing and using the material. What we commonly call “carbon fiber” is actually carbon fiber reinforced polymer. It attracts manufacturers because it is five times stronger than steel and weighs two-thirds less. This means that, if a typical automobile is made of carbon fiber instead of steel, the mass weight will drop by 60% and use 30% less gas—and lower emissions from 10% to 20%.

Another drawback of carbon fiber was the time it takes to mold during production, about five minutes to mold a frame. A few years ago a Japanese company discovered that if a special thermoplastic resin was mixed with the carbon fiber the time could be reduced to less than 60 seconds. This could be part of the reason for the sudden use in newer cars.

Top Five Detroit Auto Show Production Cars

On: Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 5:21PM | By: Elizabeth Puckett

2015 Corvette Stingray Z06 test 2

The North American International Auto Show is the stage used by automakers to reveal their new & upcoming models and redesigns—but they don’t bring every vehicle in their lineup out to play, only the important ones make to the Motor City event. Some of the most important models are debuted during this week of auto madness, and the 2014 show didn’t disappoint! Not every car makes it to an assembly line afterwards either—not every car is even meant to. Take the FT-1 by Toyota, for example; while many people think it’s the next Supra, the concept in its current form isn’t intended for production and consumer purchase. Here are the coolest cars that you'll actually have a chance to own one day.

GM Blasphemes, Offers Auto 'Vette Z06

On: Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 1:34PM | By: Nick Bakewell

GM Blasphemes, Offers Auto 'Vette Z06 test 1-1

GM’s really gone and done it this time: they’re offering the new Corvette Z06 with an…automatic gearbox. Now, before you get all up in arms about it, remember that it’s just an option, you are by no means required to have 8 gears and a torque converter. According to project chief engineer Tadge Juecther (I don’t know, either), the new auto ‘box was found to be a pleasing and eminently practical alternative to developing a Dual-Clutch transmission, and was benchmarked against just about every other performance DCT on the market; they were all found wanting. So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

A Sinister Dodge Dart?

On: Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 1:16PM | By: Karen Cook

A Sinister Dodge Dart? test 1-1

When you think of “sinister”-looking vehicles, does a Dodge Dart cross your mind? No? Not surprising; but the 2014 Dart SXT Blacktop is being described using that very word by its maker. It will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show next week and will be available at dealerships in the spring.

Detroit Auto Show Will Host 50 New Debuts

On: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 11:03AM | By: Chris Weiss

Detroit Auto Show Will Host 50 New Debuts test 1-1

We've been following news of Detroit-bound debuts and concept cars, and it looks like we have a lot more work ahead of us. The auto show released a statement that it's expecting a total of 50 new car and concept debuts when it opens next month. The 2014 auto year will kick off with a strong start.