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Ford Focus ST Looks Like An Angry Bass, Goes Like A Fast Angry Bass

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On: Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 3:48PM | By: John Welch

Ford Focus ST Looks Like An Angry Bass, Goes Like A Fast Angry Bass

Perhaps Ford would prefer I use the Piranha as my Focus design comparison fish of choice. Eh, sure, I see it, but I still like Bass better. Think "fast moving, bait swallowing small mouth Guy Harvey shirt" Bass. The aquatic resemblance aside, Ford is finally bestowing one of its turbo-fed hatches on us 'Murrikens, and it is hawt. With 247 bhp surging through the front wheels courtesy of a 2.0 liter EcoBoost mill, the Focus ST should be an enjoyable hatch, and hopefully a harbinger of things to come. RS-badged things. Evil, torque steering to the horizon, dirty noises from the exhaust Cosworthish things.

What we have to go on so far ain't much, but the media shots of the Focus ST and its interior remind us that this car has gone up-market. Way up-market when compared to the US-only, Mexican-built Focus we have been saddled with since 2002. Yes, it's undergone updates, but it is essentially the same Focus originally released eight years ago. That is nearly two normal product cycles for a mass-volume small-car such as this. Almost shameful. Ford knows it, they're using the Focus as a starting point for their global Performance Vehicles strategy. This strategy could result in Ford selling versions of all of their tasty, low-volume, turbo hatches in the States. The wheezy 170 bhp SVT Focus is currently wondering why no one remembers it ever existed . . .

Take a good long look at that interior, it is a thing of beauty. Expensive materials, less hard plastic than a $40,000 Taurus, engaging gauges, a stout shifter, seats that would feel at home in any Akira-style future-cartoon . . . huff huff . . . Lincolns haven't had interiors this nice since 1969. This isn't a new Town Car either, it’s a workaday Focus!

Ford has elevated the small car game with the new Focus ST, set to debut at the Paris Motor Show tomorrow, September 30th.

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