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Latest Rumors Say No Lamborghini Jota in Paris

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On: Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 4:30PM | By: Chris Weiss

Latest Rumors Say No Lamborghini Jota in Paris

Last week, we reported on some new information from a leaked document that Lamborghini had two brand new models to show off, first to dealers and then to the public via the Paris Motor Show. The first was expected to be the Jota, a Lamborghini that's been spotted in various forms of testing and is known for a fact to be on the way. The second was a big, bold question mark that went by the code name of '83X'. Well, the latest rumor out of Autoguide.com is that Lamborghini will only be showing one car in Paris and it will be the 83X, which it says is a concept designed to demonstrate new technology.

Autoguide says that the Lamborghini won't be a successor to the Gallardo, a sedan headed for production or any form of production car whatsoever. Instead it will be a purely conceptual exercise that the site calls a "technology demonstrator." Unfortunately, their source didn't divulge any other information, but did say that the car will be the only new unveil that Lamborghini makes in Paris. We do know that it will be a V10-powered car with heaps of carbon fiber and a light, spry figure.

The report about two Lamborghinis in Paris came from 0-60 magazine and was based on a leaked schedule for a dealer meeting that showed Lamborghini had two new cars to introduce, the 83X and another codenamed LB715-5. The latter made perfect sense as a 715-hp Jota, and it seemed logical that Lamborghini would bring both cars to Paris after showing them to dealers. Now, that doesn't look as likely.

The idea of a technology demonstrator makes a lot of sense from what we've gleaned from Lamborghini's teasers. The company stated clearly that the new car will mark a shift in direction from huge engines and top-speed-obsessed design to lighter, less powerful, more agile design. So a concept designed specifically to demonstrate how Lamborghini will accomplish that shift would be a logical first step. And having opened a carbon fiber research center this summer, it follows to reason that Lamborghini would want to show what it's been up to.

One thing is for sure: Lamborghini better get to the teasing. It's only shown three out of six promised teaser photos of its big Paris unveil and there's only days to go. Perhaps we'll be seeing one last package of photos early this week.

To sum up, we're still hoping for both the Jota and the new concept to appear at Paris, but we won't be disappointed to see just one car.

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