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F1 Soap Opera Heats Up Pt.1

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On: Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 10:31AM | By: John Welch

F1 Soap Opera Heats Up Pt.1

I haven't even sucked down the morning's first Coke and already more has happened in the world of F1 than seems possible in 24 hours. Grogginess aside, I think I can lay out the basics of the recent lunacy. First, who exactly will be racing next year?

BMW-Sauber is saved!: Peter Sauber vowed to save his Swiss-based F1 team, with or without BMW's help. Naturally he would need somebody's help, and that somebody turns out to be a shady Euro-cum-Qatari Investment conglomerate. o0oo0o0, spy stuff! Actually, there's nothing to clandestine about the new investors, Qadbak Investments, as they have participated in other high priced ventures, British soccer club Notts County, for example.

Sauber now has a new problem on its hands, getting onto the grid. Because BMW neglected to sign the new Concord agreement, essentially pledging their participation until 2012, a new team has been given their place on next year's starting grid. Sauber will have to lobby the FIA to allow a 14th team. . . . And just who is that new team?

Lotus to return to the Formula 1 grid: Little know fact: Lotus is owned by Proton. Proton is a Malaysian company. The Malaysian Government owns Proton. Their road cars are garbage, except for Lotus, of course. Malaysia wants to go F1 racing, so naturally they're going to name the team Lotus. It's their right: they own it, and it's their money that's paid for the production of all those Elises and Exiges we dream about.

The cars will use Cosworth engines and are currently based on the UK. A complete production facility is being slapped together on the grounds of the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.

A video of the final Lotus victory, the 1987 USGP of Detroit. The driver was none other then Ayrton Senna

Brawn to pricey, Charles Branson starts his own team: Starting the season as BrawnGP's main sponsor, Virgin has jumped ship for the new for 2010 Manor F1 Team. One of the benefits of Manor is that Branson may be able to pump so much money into it that he may be able to rename the team 'Virgin F1'. Don't be surprised. Also, the FIA will be visiting the three new teams, USF1, Manor, and Campos to gauge each team's readiness and make sure they will be adequately prepared for the 2010 season.

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