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Gymkhana 3 Part 2 Unleashes Mayhem On The Interwebs

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On: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 9:52AM | By: Chris Weiss

Gymkhana 3 Part 2 Unleashes Mayhem On The Interwebs

Part 1 of Gymkhana 3 was a disappointment by all accounts when it was debuted a few weeks ago. It watched more like a music video with a little bit of teasing of the actual drifting action that everyone was expecting to see from the latest Gymkhana release. As driver Ken Block had promised, it was different. But different in a bad way.

Now that Part 2 is out, we have a new respect for Part 1. It basically got the mandatory advertising and BS out of the way, so that Part 2 could focus on all-out, balls-to-the-wall asphalt assault-and-battery. And Part 2 should leave no one disappointed.

In an accompanying press release, Block sets the scene:

"The stunts I perform in Gymkhana THREE, Part 2 are without a doubt the craziest stuff I have ever attempted behind the wheel. We knew in order to out do the previous films, we’d really have to take it to the next level, and since you can’t kickflip a car, the location needed to allow me to do things never done before in car. Sure, I’ve seen people drift banks, but never ones this steep, and never head on. I treated the Autodrome’s 51-degree wall like a quarter pipe and it was awesome." Awesomely sketchy! Who knew you could do a wall ride in a car?

Yes, that's correct, Block drifts his Ford Fiesta up a 51-degree wall. A lot.

After searching the world for the ideal place for pavement-searing, tire-smoking debauchery, Ken Block and his crew settled on their "Ultimate Playground:" the l’Autodrome, France. The venue features a 1.58-mile oval track, the aforementioned banked walls of which are more than double the pitch of the average NASCAR track, according to the release.

Highlights of the video include a ridiculous a wall-top 360 alley-oop, multi-donuts around a bearded dude driving a Segway and tire-slicing, rim-sparking donuts that leave the featured Ford Fiesta hobbling off to the shop.

Far from your average Ford Fiesta, the five-door behind Block's stunts was tuned by Olsbergs Motorsport Evolution. The modified 2.0-liter Duratec spits out 650 ponies and 660 lb-ft of twist. With a weight of just 2,425 lb, the power-to-weight ratio leads the juiced Fiesta to 60 mph in a mind-numbing 1.9 seconds.

There's really not much else that words can say about the latest in the legendary video series. Hover your cursor over play and make the click.

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Johnny V | 10:17PM (Wed, Dec 15, 2010)

cool photos


Johnny V | 10:25PM (Wed, Dec 15, 2010)

check out this video

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