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Lamborghini Shows More of Its Upcoming Car

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On: Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 11:06AM | By: Chris Weiss

Lamborghini Shows More of Its Upcoming Car

Last week, we saw the first of six teaser photos of a new Lamborghini, rumored to be the Murcielago-succeeding Jota. With under three weeks before the Paris Motor Show begins, we're expecting to see a teaser or two per week up until September 30.

Today, Lamborghini issued a second teaser photograph that indicates its latest car may include a trade-off of less cylinders for more carbon fiber/less overall weight. The teaser photo shows that the powerplant behind the new Lambo will have but 10 cylinders, a drop from the V12 standard in the Murcileago. And the information from the company demonstrates a shift in thinking from all-out grunt and speed toward thoughtful, lightened design.

In a press release, Lamborghini explains the paradigm shift:

Regarding performance, until few years ago priorities were, in this order: top speed, acceleration and handling. In recent years this has been changing. Together with design, handling and acceleration are becoming more important. Speed is not as important anymore, because all supersportscars are exceeding 300km/h (186 mph) and this is a speed that you cannot reach even on a racetrack, let alone normal roads. We think it is time to make a shift and talk more about handling and acceleration.

The key factor in terms of better handling and acceleration, meaning more immediate pleasure in driving, is the power-to-weight ratio. This is not so much about top speed and so the future will not be so focused on increasing the power, even because CO2 emissions do play a role for supersportscars too. That means the key is in reducing the weight.

Lamborghini goes on to explain that its magic bullet for reducing weight is increasing the amount of carbon fiber in its cars. It says pretty bluntly that all new Lamborghinis will use carbon fiber to reduce weight. This announcement comes a few months after Lamborghini opened the Advanced Composites Research Center, a R&D facility designed around carbon fiber.

By Lamborghini's own numbers, its cars have increased by an average of 1,100 lbs. over the past 25 years in order to accommodate safety, comfort and emissions-reduction equipment. The goal is clearly to reverse that trend by incorporating lighter componentry.

The new information casts some doubt on previous speculation. While Lamborghini has not said directly that the teased car is the Jota, it's largely expected to be just that. Specs had indicated a Jota with 700-hp 7.0-liter V12 engine and 230 mph top speed, but with Lamborghini's stated focus on other aspects of the car, it looks like those numbers might turn out a little more modest.

And we wait for the next teaser...


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