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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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On: Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:02PM | By: John Welch

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Turbine-powered race cars. They're good, promise. In 1967 and 1968 several took to the track attempting to break the piston-engine stranglehold on motor racing. Howmet Corporation, a metal fabrication company, built two Le Mans style protoypes and entered them in the 24-hour races at Le Mans and Daytona. Howmet manufactured intricate aluminum parts used in military turbines and saw a turbine-powered sports car as an excellent marketing tool. And so, the Howmet TX was born. The advantages of the turbine were obvious: it produced (the equivalent of) 325 brake horsepower, yet due to its aluminum construction it weighed in a feathery 170 lbs. Unfortunately the Howmet team suffered mechanical issues and were never able to finish a race.

A year earlier, Colin Chapman and Lotus Engineering took a stab at running a turbine in the Indy 500. I was able to find significantly less information about this car, the Lotus 56, but what I can tell you is that it looked like a slot car and didn't win. The car was equipped with an early All Wheel Drive system. In its infancy, the AWD was heavy and extremely intricate. The car was later retro-fitted for Formula One, but proved to be too complicated and heavy to be competitive. Information on the Lotus 56 can be found at Wiki Cars and P1 Magazine.

The Bad: We all know politicians are a seedy bunch. Especially seedy in Ontario. Michael Bryant, former Attorney General of Ontario, appears to the antithesis of law-wielding scum. Mr. Bryant is responsible for several ambitious laws unleashed on the French-Canadian public. One such law states that ANY car modified in ANY way can be seized and crushed by the police. Was the car used in the commission of a crime? Who cares, Crush it! Wonderful.

Ah, but, like the rest of us, Mr. Bryant is human. And violent. And really really dumb. While driving through a popular Toronto shopping district, Mr Bryant used his Saab to put a 'pick' on a bicycle courier. Darcy Allan Sheppard, 33, was cut off by Mr. Bryant and decided (admittedly, also not too smart) to let the lawmaker know of his displeasure. Grabbing a door handle on the Saab, Darcy may have been trying to skitch on the car, or prevent himself from toppling over. Either way, Bryant didn't approve. According to eyewitness accounts, a black Saab could be seen weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, and on to sidewalks, bicycle and bicycle rider in tow. Darcy Allan Sheppard was killed when the Saab lunged toward a mailbox, throwing the rider off of his bicycle. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Enjoy prison Michael Bryant, because prison will surely enjoy you.

Source: The New York Times

The Ugly: Every damn Lincoln currently produced. Every single one of them. Just like Acura, Lincoln has latched on to an incredibly unattractive design language. The MKT, Lincoln's new Eco-Boost powered SUV is absolutely hideous. It looks like a whale beached on its own wheels and tires. The fascia is bulbous and arrogant, with character lines that sweep down and over the side of the car in funny directions. I mean funny, look at that ghastly notch under the C-pillar. Yuk. Don't buy these abortions, as they only further the notion that the Toyota Venza was a good idea! I would lump the Honda Crosstour in here, but that thing is so brow-beaten, souless and homely that I'm not worried about it. I'm begging you, don't buy into this "A big heavy wagon, labled as a 'Cross-Over', is what sloppy tasteless Americans want" crap. This is why we suffer over-priced Nissans and Toyotas badged as Infinities and Lexxxi. We have given the rest of the world reason to believe we'll buy anything for the sake of status, and that just isn't true. We'll buy anything German for the sake of status, sure, but not these fish-faced underpowered boats that are supposed to replace guzzler SUVs. Uhk, down with Cross-Overs and down with Lincoln's entire exterior design studio. They're commiting crimes against the eyes of humanity.

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Lak | 2:24AM (Wed, Sep 12, 2012)

Kobe Zoom IV or Hyperdunks and why for ur decision , i want great supropt, comfort, and performance, also was thinking would the hyperdunks be better cause of its high top and not low top like the Kobe Zoom IVs or? if u could send me a message i would greatly appreciate it , thanks everyone

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