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Men Spend Thousand of Dollars Refusing to Ask For Directions

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On: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 11:12AM | By: Chris Weiss

Men Spend Thousand of Dollars Refusing to Ask For Directions

Most every man is quite familiar with the situation. You're driving down an unfamiliar highway. Chances are good that it's dusk and you're half an hour or more late for wherever it is that you're going. You've seen the same underpass three or more times in the past 20 minutes, or maybe you're driving in a single direction on the hunch that the next exit is the one. It isn't. But that's not stopping you.

You drive past 7-11s, gas stations and grocery stores with reckless abandon. You can literally feel the burning stare from your lady's eyes searing your skin. But still, nothing's stopping you. There's something greater compelling you forward, something deep within your very being. Like an erection at Sunday morning mass, it's completely inconvenient and you know it's wrong. But you can't really help it.  For better or worse, it's a part of the very fabric that makes you man.

You're lost. Hopelessly, in fact. And the longer you drive, the more determined you are not to ask for directions. It's like admitting defeat. Because if you succumb, you're basically admitting that you've been lost for the past 45 minutes and really should have asked for directions 42 minutes ago. And then she's right. No, my friend, you're not going to be wrong today, but you are going to waste a lot of unnecessary time and effort. And you probably shouldn't expect any sexual favors from the unwitting hostage in the passenger seat. Oh, and it turns out, you'd be better off just pulling over and throwing your wallet into the sewer because your stubborn defiance is costing you thousands of dollars.

According to a new study by British insurance company Sheila's Wheels, men waste upwards of $3,000 due to their egotistical avoidance of asking for directions.The study found that men drive around for about 276 extraneous miles each year in situations like the hypothetical above. More than one out of four respondents to the survey admitted to not asking for directions within the first half an hour of being lost, and one out of 10 admitted to being the type of stubborn dogs that simply won't ask for directions--ever.

After doing a little math, Sheila's Wheels concluded that men that don't ask for directions spend about 2,000 pounds during their lifetimes on wasted fuel. That's just over $3,000 by today's rates.I wonder how the EPA will translate that for hybrids and electrics.

Perhaps the most surprising fact in the survey is that 75 percent of women will ask for directions. That means that 25 percent of women won't ask for directions. Where have they been all my life? And how much money do their families waste after they've married?

So why don't men ask for directions? I suppose it's different for each man. After all, some men do. Pansies. I believe it breaks down to man's primal need to be in control of the his own destiny and that of his female companion. Why leave his fate in the hands of another, no matter how much more knowledgeable that other is. He's man and he's going to capture food, make fire, and goddammit, bring his woman where she needs to go without any outside help. Even if it means dropping a few grand.


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