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1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV-Conversion

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On: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 1:55PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT RV-Conversion

The most unique eBay find of the day is a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado that was converted into a recreational vehicle—yes, a camper!  Believe it or not, the one-of-a-kind vehicle was actually designed and built as a factory project for a retired RV industry executive.

For those who doubt the feasibility of a Toronado-made-RV, be advised that GMC utilized the EXACT same platform in its “spaceship-shaped” motor home design, built from 1973 to 1978, as was used in the Oldsmobile Toronado. The design was radical for its day, with front-wheel drive, a low profile, and a fully integrated body.  

Motorhomes were built by recreational vehicle manufacturers on bare frames and drivetrains supplied by a chassis manufacturers.

The original GMC built motorhome had a front wheel drive transaxle used in the Oldsmobile Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado, with an Oldsmobile 455 cu. 7.5 liter V8 engine from the Toronado.

The final drive was connected directly to the transmission, and power was fed to the front wheels using half shafts that ran under the front portion of the engine.
The original GMC RVs often had luxury features common on upper models of GM brands such as cruise control, air conditioning, AM/FM/8-track sound systems, an aluminum/fiberglass body, as well as air suspension. The aerodynamic styling, with the wrap-around windshield and expansive glass area, gave the vehicle a futuristic (or spaceship-shaped) appearance.

By using non-corrosive materials in the body and frame of the motorhome, the GMCs have maintained a reputation as being the most restorable of any other vintage motorhome. Many formerly abandoned GMCs have been successfully brought back to life because of the durable design.

The Toronado conversion RV that is presently for sale on ebay has only 68,000 miles, and the engine was replaced with a new short block 4,000 miles ago.
The owner makes sure to warn potential buyers about the type of attraction the car/camper has received stating: “Don’t pull into a campground tired and ready for bed. Everyone who sees this RV will want to talk to you about it and take pictures. They will bang on the door. They will try to buy it. I have even had other drivers run off the road while they were staring at it.”

According to the current eBay listing, this RV can sleep up to four, comes with a full bathroom and shower, as well as being equipped with a kitchen that has a stove and fridge. There are still a few more days left on the auction if you want to place your bid, or pay the “buy it now” price of $15,000 to seal the deal today.

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