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The G,B,U; Unattainable 911 Edition

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On: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:14PM | By: John Welch

The G,B,U; Unattainable 911 Edition

The Good: Porsche is introducing a new 911, the 'Sport Classic'. New Porsches are always appreciated, but the good news here is the new flappy-paddle transmission. The transmission itself isn't new, just the flappy-paddles. Prior to this model, a Porsche customer not possessing the wherewithal to specify a manual transmission had to settle for Pontiac Grand Prixesques thumb-shifter thingees. I've always thought this to be a rather moronic solution for gear-changing, just like the universal inter-automaker refusal to make auto-boxes with levers that move down for an up shift and up for a down shift. How many times has an auto-journalist bitched about that in the last ten years?

With the old Porsche system you were required to squeeze the sides of the steering wheel's spokes to effect gear changes. Completely counter-intuitive. Thankfully, the electronic connections are all the same for either system, so all Porsches with the bizarro shifters could theoretically be retro-fitted with flappy-paddles. Honestly, who are these goons that are buying Porsches with automatic transmissions to begin with?! Sigh, IDIOTS . ..

The Bad: The 911 Sports Classic will not be sold in the States. We have comparable models, obviously, but the interior in the 911 SC is specific to this single model. That is a shame as the interior treatment in this car is absolutely '2-die-4'!

The Ugly: Porsche brought back the 'Whale Tail'. I may be alone on this but that's a deal-killer for me. I have never liked the WT, always thought it was extra ugliness for little benefit. Mash an '82 930's accelerator and see if that paltry down force does anything to negate the ass-over-tea kettle spin you're now performing. From a dead stop. The 911 SC isn't even a turbo, it really has no need for this foolishness. They made it more narrow also, just adding to this raving sight-crime. Ugly Ugly Ugly, you Porsche-philles can argue it out in the comments . . .

Source: Edmunds Inside Line

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