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The Great Mini-Van Wars Of Aught Ten: Japanese Nissan Quest Revealed

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On: Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 3:42PM | By: John Welch

The Great Mini-Van Wars Of Aught Ten: Japanese Nissan Quest Revealed

We have seen the redesigned Toyota Sienna, the brand new Honda Odyssey, but where is the third wheel in our Axis of Asian Mini-Vans? Nissan is getting around to it, just be patient.

I say things like that as if anyone cares about a bunch of MommieWagens whose popularity waned towards the end of the twentieth century, giving way to the rise of the fullsize SUV. Considering their tainted, dorkish reputation, these vehicles have a lot of work to do if they want to capture our collective, highly ego-driven American taste.

As far as the Sienna and Odyssey are concerned, these issues have been addressed. Decidedly butch, both bread boxes exude a much tougher persona, and in some ways overcook the, uhm, "rawness". The Toyota delivers an easily understood people-mover with a slightly edgy side. The Honda is a little less easy to comprehend; from a styling standpoint, anyway. Some of those angles . . . yikes. Otherwise, the Honda is as desirable as the Toyota, and, to me, both are far more desirable than any number of SUVs.

This rodeo is missing one bucking bronc, the Nissan Quest. As is custom with foreign automakers, the Japanese version of the Quest, entitled "Elgrand," has been released to the saki-fueled, car crazy Japanese public shortly before the North American release of the Quest.

The Elgrand is attractive enough, if you fancy yourself driving Shredder's head. It's a bit toothy, if you ask me. Is it better or worse than the styling for the American product, the Quest? The jury is still out; there has been debate in this office about the teaser shots of the Quest than should ever be devoted to Mini-Van styling.

So, the Elgrand is powered by the same engines (supposedly) that will tow around the Quest, either a 3.5 VQ35DE or a 2.5 QR25DE, both V6 powerplants. The Elgrand build sheet also includes an optional AWD system and will be available in a 7- or 8-passenger configuration. Keeping up with the Joneses, err, excuse me, the Hondas and Toyodas just fine, so far. The interior is all swoops and angles, similar to the Nissan's countrymen, and is a complete departure from the old Quest, with its "shades'o'SaturnIon" center-mounted instrument cluster. I think it is safe to say that this is an automotive fad that has had its day. Finally. Unless you buy a MINI. Remember, that's MINI, not Mini . .

Below we have all of the images of the Nissan Elgrand and Quest that we could possibly compile in between runs to the coffee maker and back. I make that journey often. I have to get some sort of aerobics in my day somewhere.

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milo b turbett | 1:45PM (Sun, Jan 22, 2012)

like to see any chatter about nissan quests or find web sites that may have the info

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