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Ferrari Releases Official 458 Challenge Race Car Info

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On: Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 1:08PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Ferrari Releases Official 458 Challenge Race Car Info

For those who considered the 458 Italia a bit too meek, the solution is now here: the 458 Challenge is a faster, lighter weight race car based on the road-going model. The Ferrari engineers have created a competition version of the 458 Italia, which they call the 458 Challenge. The model is designed specifically for track and is faster by two seconds than its predecessor, the F430 Challenge.

The 458 Challenge has an increased horsepower of 570 from the mid-mounted 4.5-liter V-8. The Challenge car maintains its race-only intake and exhaust system. The standard seven-speed dual-clutch transmission remains but gear ratios have been upgraded to give better low-rpm torque. But unlike its predecessor, the 458 Challenge is intended to race against other Ferraris, such as the F430 Challenge, in the Ferrari-only Trofeo Pirelli series in 2011.

The Ferrari Challenge racing edition gets an upgraded transmission, suspension, and gear ratios as compared to the Italia street car, including E-Diff and F1-Trac systems that have been implemented for the first time on a Challenge racing edition. With these technologies, drivers have the option to engage stability assistance using a switch on the steering wheel.

The competition version of 458 Italia receives a new suspension system with stronger springs and harder shock absorbers and the ground clearance has been reduced by 1.18 inches. Light alloy wheels of 19 inches have been added and the Brembo braking system uses ceramic discs and carbon elements borrowed from 599XX, while the ABS offers two different settings for low grip or high performance for dry areas

Aerodynamics is complemented by the weight savings, due in part to lightweight carbon-fiber and Lexan body panels combined with a lower ride height, 19-inch racing wheels, and Pirelli racing slicks.

Ferrari reports that the Challenge car has the capability of producing up to 1.6 g of cornering force. Meaning that the force of gravity pushing down on the vehicle is over one and half times that of the performance car’s weight. 1 g is considered phenomenal; only a few race cars (such as some Corvette models) have the capability of hitting 1g, let alone 1.6, so the Challenge corners with such incredible speed that even a force equal to its own weight does not make the vehicle lose traction.

The 458 Challenge will race with the F430 this year in the F430 Challenge series.


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