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Chevrolet Caprice PPV Detective Package; We Want A Cop Car

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On: Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 12:28PM | By: John Welch

Chevrolet Caprice PPV Detective Package; We Want A Cop Car

Chevrolet keeps giving us reasons to believe that, maybe, one day, they will bring back V8-powered Austrailian sedans like the now deceased Pontiac G8. Based on the Holden Commadore, the G8 offered near-BMW levels of dynamic satisfaction while packing a small block and an American badge. It wasn't around long enough and we miss it dearly.

The obvious thing to do, it would seem, would be to slap a bow tie on the G8's nose, call it a Caprice, and continue selling it. The problem here is that the G8 didn't sell in large enough numbers to justify the tooling needed to make the Pontiac-Chevy switch. A nice excuse, if they weren't building these things for the police. Which means they have the tooling. Which means there is no reason why I can't go order up a Matte Black SWB Caprice with a 6.0 liter something or other and a manual tranny. None, completely ridiculous.

Though I can't explain GM's weird, masochistic need to keep its best products to itself, I can tell you everything about the Caprice Police Package. Though we have reported on the PPV before, we now have the enitre GM Fleet Sales order sheet. Details inside the post . . .

There are two versions of the Caprice Police Package: 9C1 for patroling-types, and 9C3 for the more discerning instrument of Big Brother's tyranny. Gulp, sorry, spent a lot of time in Imperial Polk County . . . apologies . . .

The Caprice looks good with police-issue steel wheels, draped in flat-black, ready to run down perps and crack heads and doughnuts with aplomb! Instead of following forward-thinking Ford into the six-cylinder game, GM has chosen to stick with mush-rods and dual valves. 6.0 liters and sixten valves pump away under the Caprice hood. Strapped to this all-aluminum engine are oil coolers for the engine, transmission, and power steering. A limited slip differential comes standard with the 2.92 gears. Not looking for wheel spin, are they?

The interior can be fitted with all manner of crime fighting goodies, and the chassis is reinforced for high speed ramming and diabled vehicle removal. Look for these cars to pop up on suburban streets by the end of the year, and check auctions in a little more than three years for some awesome deals on your very own Caprice CopMobile.

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