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Gems From the International Motoring Press

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On: Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 5:00PM | By: John Welch

Gems From the International Motoring Press

Russian Car Kitsch: From Russiablog.org: "The war in Chechnya is dragging on after twelve years and 18 year old drafted soldiers are still dying on a daily basis; Russian pensioners are saving money by not buying toilet paper, and 80% of the population is barely making the living. But it’s not the same in Moscow. The hot new trend of the season is “airbrushing”". . .

So, that's kind of depressing, but the pictures of Dali-Clocks on Alfa hoods are pretty priceless . . .

Chinese "Drink" Driving: As the rest of the world catches up to western standards of civility, there are bound to be road bumps along the way. Like preventing drunk driving, a relatively new problem in many up and coming nations. Like China.

Apparently the Chinese are rather creative in their methods for avoiding "drink driving" violations:

"An officer from squad 4 told us that a popular method for drunk drivers is pointing out the time between them drinking and driving, often they try to drive to a secluded area and sleep it off, but we will find them. In 10 days the squad no4 officers from Xu Hui division pulled in 92 drunk drivers, approximately 30% of them were sleeping drunks caught in the early hours asleep in their car."

They also flat out bribe the police:

"Off duty policemen in Shanghai have also been ordered to turn off their phones to stop drunk drivers from calling their friends in the force to help them with drink drive related issues."

More "Drink Driving" madness at Chinacartimes.com

Bubba Olympiad: This story isn't from a foreign country. Well, compared with most of America I suppose Polk County, Florida could be considered a foreign entity. This story also doesn't have much to do with cars, other than it takes place in a mud hole designed for recreational off-road vehicle use.

Yes folks, it's that time of year again, time for the RedNeck Olympics. Held on the grounds of the Lakeland Motorsports Park Mud Hole, this event brings out all the promising amateur athletes of Central Florida, and some of their teeth. Take it from Jeremiah Hatfield, a veteran participant:

""You don't have to be Michael Phelps or Carl Lewis or Lance Armstrong," Hatfield said. "Everybody gets to do the toilet seat toss."

Soooiiieee, a complete write up on the smelliest event since "The Lake Erie Sewer Tri-Athalon" can be found at Theledger.com

How about a little "Trucks Gone Wild" from this very same mud hole?

Photo Gallery (click a thumbnail to enlarge)



RoadKill | 10:36AM (Fri, Sep 4, 2009)

Looks like Bubba's Mud Ranch

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