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Micro Machine

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On: Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 11:47AM | By: Lou Ruggieri

Micro Machine

It seems that the bar for car size keeps dropping every year. (Anyone remember when a Honda Civic looked tiny?) Big cars are almost extinct, small cars are now big cars, and the smallest cars today won't be for too much longer. If you haven't heard of the British-born company Gordon Murray Design yet, you will in the next year or two. The new kid on the block, who hasn't quite moved in yet, has designed a car that will make the current Mini Cooper look like a portly slob.  It’s called the T.25, and we believe the T should stand for 'Tiny'.  

Small does not begin to describe this car. At a hair under eight feet long (94.5 inches) and a hair over four feet wide (51.2 inches), this 1265 pound car will remind many of their childhood Power Wheels toys more than a revolutionary paradigm-shifting answer to pollution.  

The car has been several years in the making, but Gordon Murray Design all but promises it will have been worth the wait. According to GMD's website (gordonmurraydesign.com), the T.25 will be responsible for easing the burden of big city stress and expense. They state that two T.25s can fit into one standard highway lane, three T.25s can fit in the average parallel parking space, and that, because of its diminutive stature, the reduction in traffic congestion will result in billions of dollars in revenue for the city in question. Other perks cited are the low cost of ownership due to the ease of repair—body panels are removed and replaced, and may be recycled from other cars.

Obviously fuel economy will be a matter of importance, and the T.25 is expected to get about 60 miles to the gallon. Its 660cc three-cylinder engine produces 51 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque that funnels through a five-speed automatic transmission to power the rear wheels. Sadly, for all its performance at the pump, the T.25 doesn't get anywhere in a hurry. 0-60 takes just a tick under forever at 16.2 seconds, and, even then, you are almost at your 90 mph top speed.

But GMD doesn'ttout speed as one of the T.25's selling points. The biggest upsides that GMD will point out as features that differentiate it from its potential competitors: First is the way the driver gets into the car. The entire front of the car tilts open, like the hood of a semi-truck, and second is the actual position the driver sits in once he gets into the car. Unlike every other production car on the planet, except for one, the driver sits either to the left or right of the car. In the T.25, however, the driver sits dead center in the car. Oh, and that one other car, by the way, is the McLauren F1. That supercar was, coincidently, designed by none other than Gordon Murray about a decade and a half ago.

There hasn’t been an official release yet on where the T.25 will be initially sold, but a good bet would be the busier markets east of the Prime Meridian. Hopefully, Gordon Murray Design will get this petite machine on the streets soon, before someone else comes out with a car that make the T.25 look like a Hummer. Although, the person that makes that car might just end up being Gordon Murray.

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