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Chrysler Sales Soar To 35% Increase Over June 2009

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On: Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 4:37PM | By: John Welch

Chrysler Sales Soar To 35% Increase Over June 2009

Numbers numbers numbers numbers . . . every story always has a ton of numbers. I'm getting really sick of numbers. Currently Chrysler is nutty about numbers. Compared with the same time last year, June's numbers were good numbers. They're still numbers, and I still hate 'em. College Algebra can bite it!

Here are some numbers for you: 68,297. That is the number of vehicles sold by Chrysler in June, 2009.

92,482, the number of vehicles sold in June 2010. Jeep sales rose 25%, on an 86% jump Jeep Wrangler sales. Dodge sales increased 67% due to strong sales of the Charger, Avenger (puke!) and Challenger (yes please!). Even the lowly mini-vans got in on the act, sales of the Chrysler Town & Country rose 34% and sales of the Dodge Caravan jumped nearly 50%.

“This 35% increase in year-over-year sales shows that we continue to build on our sales momentum," said Fred Diaz, lead executive for Chrysler’s U.S. sales, in a statement. Sure sure, but do you have to use so many damn numbers to help make your point? I mean, isn't there another way? Is it strange that a grown adult is searching for some sort of flow chart that involves bright colors and pictures and not so much numbers? Continue into the post for more info on Chrysler's uplifting month . . .

Concerning the issue of over or under-stocking dealers, Chrysler wrapped up June with a 60-day supply of vehicles, down from 71 days in June last year. Just about perfect. June's sales increase also marks the third straight month that Chrysler has seen significant improvement. Apparently the world isn't finished with Hemi-powered 1998-era Mercedes E-Classes. It was a good car; why not squeeze just a little more life out of it?

Speaking of hanging on past ones due date, we all remember the PT Cruiser, yes? The awkwardly named Cruiser was a sales hit its first few cycles, but now, ignored by Chrysler designers, the PT has had its day. Production of the Neon-based retromobile will end this month.

One more slice of number-free good news: Chrysler reports that the sales jump in June is double the industry's expected average increase. I wonder what Tex Whitacre thinks of all this?

If these numbers look promising wait until Chrysler starts pumping out the new Grand Cherokee. This truck will sell like crazy. As if it was the last rubber at the Olympic Games. Also, Fiat plans to inject some Italian products into Chryslers portfolio . . . for some reason I don't think they'll be able to make enough Fiat 500s for us 'Murrikens. Though not as utterly revered as the Nissan GT-R, this car has gotten just enough coverage in our country to be considered a legitimate object of American lust. Make mine an Abarth and dispense with the silly glass roof, please.

Things are looking up at the Penta-Star brand . . . stoopid numbers . . .

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