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The Purest Auto-Poetry You Will View This Week

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On: Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:54PM | By: John Welch

The Purest Auto-Poetry You Will View This Week

I promise I will not ride Jeremy Clarkson's coattails on a weekly basis. Even though I'll read his column every week, I leave it up to you do do the same. Sometimes however, the jerk is just so achingly eloquent that I feel like it's my holy duty to bring Mr. Clarkson and his articles to your attention. This is one such time. I give you a quote, and then a link, and I hope you are bright enough to devote five minutes of your Big Mac-gobbling day to read it. If not, well, you're a dummie and I hate you.

Per Clarkson: "Not once did the car pitch or lurch. There was never a shimmy from the rear or a squeal from the tyres. We just went up that smooth, brilliant road with the roof down and me looking at the stars flying by as though we were on the Starship Enterprise’s observation deck. It was, I think, the most enjoyable drive of my life: to be in a car that good, with its V10 bark echoing off the limestone and a bit of Steely Dan on the stereo, doing about a million with a man who truly knows what he’s doing at the wheel. This is what those of a Guardian disposition don’t understand: that a car can be a tool but it can also be so much more. It can be a heart-starter, it can be a drug, it can be a piece of art, it can stir your soul and it can get you from Marbella to Ronda before the bar closes."

If that doesn't stir your soul then either you're dead or illiterate. Period. The entire article can be enjoyed at The Times Online

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