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The Hungarian Prototype That Can Split Into 2 Cars

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On: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 11:24AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

The Hungarian Prototype That Can Split Into 2 Cars

You may have heard of the Yugo from Central Europe it was known as “the worst car in the world.”  Many people think of the Yugo when automakers from countries such as Hungary come to mind, but things have changed recently and some European car enthusiasts are supporting the design of new environmentally clean vehicles manufactured in their own country.

One example is the car manufacturer named Antro in Hungary that has been developing a brand new concept in a prototype with financial backing from local sponsors. The company has invested 1.5 million Euros in designing a prototype of a car that can split into two smaller vehicles. The car is called the Antro Solo and plans are being developed to bring it to market by the year 2012.

The Solo incorporates a Hybrid drive system, it has a very sleek looking design with a center driver’s seat, doors that pivot, and a roof loaded with solar panels. It definitely looks like something in a futuristic movie setting.

The most innovative part of the Solo design is that Antro plans to make it “modular” so that two separate three-seater sections will be able to hook together to create a six-passenger car. On the other hand, one could see it as a six-passenger family vehicle that could split in two when family members needed to drive to separate locations.

Imagine the possibilities: one could connect with a friend’s “module” on the interstate and hook up for a free ride for part of the daily commute, or a husband and wife with one car who get a divorce would have a simple solution to splitting the assets.

The innovative car is solar powered (with solar panels on the roof) and can travel up to 12 miles before relying on any other energy source.

It’s not really clear exactly how the module design will function to connect the two cars or whether it will connect side-by-side, or nose-to-tail, nor has the company said how the car will be sold—as individual units, or a set of two three-seaters. But one thing is clear; even though many critics feel that the Solo will never make it past the prototype stage, world-wide green automotive technology is certainly moving in the right direction.

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