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Never Change Your Vehicle's Oil Again?

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On: Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 3:28PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Never Change Your Vehicle's Oil Again?

What if a product existed that would enable motorists to never have to change their car’s oil again? The dutiful task that every car owner knows he/she has to perform every 3,000 miles. Imagine the amount of time, money, and resources that could be saved!

Believe it or not, such a product does exist, and not only does it prevent your car from needing its oil changed, it also increases fuel economy. The product is called an “Oil Refiner” and it has been around since 1977. For decades the specialized oil filter was used mostly on huge commercial ships, but it can now be utilized in cars, trucks, vans—literally just about any type of combustion engine that uses oil.

The technology used in Oil Refiners is based on the fact that motor oil never wears out, it only gets contaminated or its additives get depleted. If it is kept clean and free of solid particulate matter, undiluted by water, and other matter, such as diesel fuel, glycol coolants, and highly corrosive acids, lubricating oil will retain its original physical properties indefinitely.

The primary job ofthe Oil Refiner is to filter out solid particles down to very minute particles (as small as 5 microns) and to trap and neutralize acids, keeping water content at less than 0.5%, and fuel dilution to less than 1%. The filtration process helps prevent sludge which forms when dirty oil is too saturated to carry away all of the waste products it has cleaned out of the engine.

The Oil Refiner is attached to the engine where it continually cleans the oil for constant use by removing most solid particles and preventing the accumulation of water in the engine’s oil. It also neutralizes acid which results in extending the life of the engine and actually increasing fuel efficiency. Automobiles that had the refiner installed in their engines reported a three to four percent improvement in their vehicle’s fuel usage.

The product could have a significant impact in enabling consumers to save money on fuel expense and, at the same time, reduceeach owners’ carbon footprint, but the positive environmental impact is exponential when it comes to commercial use such as a corporate fleets The reduction in fuel consumption, oil consumption, and used motor oil waste can be significant over the life of just one vehicle; imagine the possibilities if every combustion engine produced was equipped with this innovative product.

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