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Is Your Car a Republican or a Democrat?

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On: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 4:59PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Is Your Car a Republican or a Democrat?

One way to find out the probability of the political party affiliation that an individual has is to find out what type of automobile he/she drives. A recent survey by market researcher Scarborough Research shows strong trends related to the type of cars that voters drive.The survey asked 500 drivers which type of vehicles they drove and gathered statistics on which cars were more likely to belong to the Republican voters, and which were Democrats’ vehicles.

Here is what the poll discovered;
No matter the political stripe, according to the survey, sedans and coupes are the most popular type of car. Half the Democrats in the survey drove them, along with over one-third of Republicans. The two groups differ on pickup trucks, which are the modern day automotive symbol of red states: 15 percent of Republicans drive them, compared with just over three percent of Democrats. 

If you are driving down the road and notice a hatchback in front of you, chances are very high that the driver votes for the liberal party; the survey showed that four times more drivers of hatchbacks were Democrats compared to Republicans.

Republicans drove Ford and GM cars by an approximately 2:1 margin compared with Democrats who drove—you guessed it—Hondas and Toyotas, which were by far more prevalent among Democrat drivers.

Volvo was first, and Subaru was found to be the auto brand with the second-highest percentage, of owners registered as Democratic voters. Chrysler (including Dodge and Jeep) appeared to be vehicles that voters on either side were equally drawn to.

As far as luxury cars were concerned, however, voters in the survey differ in that; more Democrats chose Acura, while Republicans preferred Lexus. Republicans were also slightly more likely than Democrats to drive German cars, but in the category of German imports, Republicans reported being drawn to BMW and Porsche, while Democrats were more likely to choose Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

Signs Your Car is a Republican: it's any brand of pickup, it’s a Ford, it's a Chevy, it's a Porsche, or any other brand of sports car

Signs Your Car is a Democrat: it's any brand of hatchback, it's a Volkswagen, it's a Volvo, Subaru, Acura, or Mercedes Benz.

After understanding how the stats fall when it comes to the types of cars more commonly owned by the liberals and conservatives, the impetus for the remark recently made by Sarah Palin is a bit clearer now as Palin was quoted to have said "That bumper sticker that maybe you'll see on the next Subaru driving by—an Obama bumper sticker—you should stop the driver and say, 'So how is that hopey, changey thing working out for ya?' " Although Palin immediately back-pedaled after her speech and clarified that she had nothing against Subarus, it is still unclear as to how she feels about those who drive them. One thing that rings true, there is something revealing about what type of car we choose to drive.



jdsteele1 | 8:29PM (Mon, Sep 6, 2010)

I've noticed thru the years,typically I to see retired military guys with decals on the back of their Chev trucks,indicating their polical party is GOP.This has made me more aware of noticing that most ,not all,GOP's tend to drive GM products.Anyone else ever notice?

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