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Mazda Puts Aside Plans For Production Version Of RX-Vision Concept,

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On: Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 7:42AM | By: Carl Malek

Mazda Puts Aside Plans For Production Version Of RX-Vision Concept,

In an announcement that appears to solidify the company's push to be a more "mature" auto company, Mazda has stated that it does not plan to produce a production version of the RX-Vision concept which was supposed to reignite the revival of the rotary engine to the company's new vehicle lineup.

This stunning revelation came from Mazda's global director and excecutive senior officer, Yuji Nakemine, during a recent interview with Australian website CarAdvice. "I was encouraged by the concept but still think, we just created that kind of a concept, kind of a dream of bringing that to market in the future, but at this moment, no specific plan to mass produce the vehicle." The company's decision, while a heartbreaker for fans that enjoyed the unique performance advantages brought by the uniquely designed engine, came as no suprise, considering that the sport coupe segment has been substantially shrinking over the last few years, making it harder for automakers to justify the costs of even offering one let alone developing an entry for the market. In addition, the rotary engine itself is much more expensive to design and develop than conventional piston-type engines, which would have made the task of creating a production version of the car a costly endevaor that would have forced Mazda to invest money that it really cannot afford to spend given the company's precarious financial posistion.

However, the idea of a rotary-powered Mazda model is not completly dead; Nakemine said that Mazda is currently comitted to selling the cars that the company currently has in its lineup and that it does not want to spend money to branch out into every vehicle segment of the marketplace. While the idea of a production version of the RX-Vision has been shelved for the moment, Mazda will reevaluate the idea if its current crop of vehicles sell well and if the company can boost its financial coffer over the next few years. The money situation has plauged Mazda for the past several years and required the company to undertake several cost cutting measures a few years ago to help stem the financial bleeding.

"If we make good money, and are more robust and can afford more engineering resources we can again talk about new concepts or visions or whatever," Nakemine added. It will be interesting to see what these concepts and visions will produce; hopefully they will not only keep the rotary engine from permantly entering the graveyard of automotive ideas, they could help steer the company into more financially stable waters which will be good for both its bottom line as well as the dreams and hopes of its loyal customer base.


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