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We don't want more Buicks—bring on the Caprice!

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On: Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 12:01PM | By: John Welch

We don't want more Buicks—bring on the Caprice!

New GM, Old GM, same dummies, different titles. First Fritz Henderson blasts my hero, Bob Lutz, publicly, stating that "Lutz may have his opinions, but he works for me." That's pretty pompous right there. Then Henderson turns around and tries to pitch a re-badged Saturn Vue as a Buick. Fortunately NEW GM has to listen to potential customers, who all verbally retched at the idea. Twitter officially killed the Vue-ick ('ick' being the operative suffix there . . .).

Here's the real crime: The G8 chassis is already re-badged as a Chevrolet, for the MIDDLE EASTERN market!! You scumbags!! Introduce a vehicle that I actually drool over, that actually stands its ground against the German competition, that can be made into a Chevy EASILY, but you're still stuck on the SUV/Crossover gravy train. I thought you didn't like 're-badging,' Fritzy? Or does that apply only to cars that aren't completely cost effective to produce? Or are you just laughing in the face of the American public because we are to stupid to notice? It's obvious that no one is going to buy crap, so why talk to us as if we are still falling for the 'Super Rebate' Ponzi scheme of the late Nineties . . . also, why isn't Lutz in charge instead of this 'Washington Puppet' Henderson? Age probably has a lot to do with it; Lutz is in his late seventies . . .

sigh . . . Edmunds accurately explains the Vue-ick debacle . . .

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