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Jaguar Discusses XJ Replacement And Bargain Model Below XE

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On: Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 2:52PM | By: Carl Malek

Jaguar Discusses XJ Replacement And Bargain Model Below XE

Jaguar has released new information regarding its long-term plans and goals revealing preliminary details regarding a replacement for the current generation XJ flagship, as well as discussing the possibility of a model that would slot below the XE.

In a recent interview with the folks at Autocar magazine, Jaguar's chief designer, Ian Callum, confirmed prior rumors of a replacement model for the current XJ, claiming that the company is already working on development of the new model. Callum also said that the new model would spawn additional variants, which would include a possible coupe version to challenge the S-Class coupe. However, Callum did added that the new variants would not happen right away and will take place only afterthe company solves its current problems with production capacity. This could mean that additional XJ models would not launch until 2018 when the company formally opens the doors of its new factory in Slovakia. The new model will allegedly retain the strong focus on style and flair that has come to define the current generation XJ, despite opposition from some within the company that want to see it embrace new levels of practicality and function to allow it to compete better with the S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

Callum stated that JLR does not want to chase too much volume and reach the size of BMW or Audi. Instead, he wants to see sales cap at one million units annually, and that any figures beyond that would hurt the company's prestige. In theory, it makes sense, but in some aspects this presumed level of prestige has hurt the company in the past, especially with regards to pricing as well as being behind rivals in leasing and payment options. This prestige also shows itself in the company's long-term product plans with the company actually eschewing multiple bodystyles of the same model in favor of having new model lines that would feature distinct trim levels.

Finally, Callum suggested the possibility of a Jaguar model that would be smaller than the XE, claiming that while his design team is "continuously talking about a smaller Jaguar" that there are no current plans for a production version. If it were approved, it would compete with the BMW 2 Series, Audi A3, as well as Cadillac's rumored subcompact luxury car offering. As for the few wondering whether the recently axed XK would be resurrected from the dead, Callum said that the model will not be making a return, which makes sense since its demise was caused by the strong selling Jaguar F-Type and its superior blend of performance and technology.


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