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Nissan Unveils Plans For Next Generation GT-R, Move Upmarket In The Pipeline

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On: Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 9:19AM | By: Carl Malek

Nissan Unveils Plans For Next Generation GT-R, Move Upmarket In The Pipeline

It's no secret that the arrival of the next generation GT-R will not happen until Nissan extracts every last bit of performance out of the current generation model. However, it appears that part of the company's plans for its eventual replacement could include a move upmarket, if recent comments from Nissan's chief product specialist are true.

Speaking to the folks at Top Gear magazine in a recent interview, chief product specialist Hiroshi Tamura revealed that he has a vision that would see the car move upmarket in a bid to better challenge offerings from Ferrari and Lamborghini. During the interview, Tamura revealed that the GT-R's name is made up of two parts. GT which stands for Grand Touring, and R for Racing. The current GT-R is already quite capable in its own right, especially in its current 600-horsepower NISMO configuration. However, Tamura said that he would like to balance the GT aspect of the current generation car, claiming that he wants to refine this particular aspect of the equation before the next generation model makes its debut. "First, I want to show more sophistication in this GT-R." This could mean that a more luxury-oriented variant could arrive that would feature more creature comforts, as well as a slightly softer suspension tune to help smooth out the ride for luxury-minded occupants that might find the current car too harsh for their driving needs.

As for whether the world will see a NISMO RS version of the GT-R, Tamura said that he is open to the idea of an 800- to 900-horsepower supercar that would go toe-to-toe with the best offerings in today's supercar market. However, he added that he would do it only if the technology to handle such power exists, but was quick to admit that he believes that the technology to keep that power under control is not available. He also expressed his firm belief that the GT-R should be a vehicle that also embodies driving control, confidence, and a connection to the road, in addition to its impressive horsepower numbers.

While the current generation GT-R may see a bit more refinement before it is formally retired, the next generation GT-R will embrace that notion more fully, and come equipped with the refinement, luxury, and technology it needs to combat super luxury vehicles. Look for improved ride quality, sound insulation, and reduced NVH to play key roles in this transformation. with other luxury goodies being blended into the formula as the car is developed. Tamura's desire for a more luxurious cabin could be a reference to the current generation (not for the USA) GT-R Egoist which boasts a customizable leather interior and an 11-speaker sound system that is tuned to the drivers position. Tamura's grand vision, as well as the steps needed to achieve it, means that we will most likely not see the next generation GT-R for a while with a production version probably not arriving for several years.

Instead look for Nissan to continue the current pace of updates that it has in mind for the current generation GT-R with continuous improvements and revisions that will slowly take the car closer to Tamura's desired result each year, with the process ultimately coming full circle once the next generation GT-R is ready for production and subsequent sale.


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