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Google, Apple In Prime Position To Take Top Spots In Electric Car Segment Claims Morgan Stanley

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On: Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 10:27AM | By: Carl Malek

Google, Apple In Prime Position To Take Top Spots In Electric Car Segment Claims Morgan Stanley

The electric car segment is still a relatively new frontier for many automakers; however, the leaders in this eco-friendly segment could come from two unexpected companies, according to a new report that was recently released by a Morgan Stanley analyst.

It is no secret that both Google (and its parent company, Alphabet) and Apple are working on vehicle programs that could reinvent the way we drive future automobiles, thanks to their main focus on driverless technology and eco-friendly electric vehicles. In fact, according to Katy Huberty, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Research Division,both companies are in a favorable position to take the lead in the growing electric car market, a proposition that might ruffle the feathers of more traditional automakers. Huberty sees this possibility because both companies have strong expertise in providing "cameras, sensors, batteries, and displays" in smart phones, and both are looking to electric vehicles as autonomous technologies, not just to formally one-up each other, but to further expand growth and profitability.

Huberty elaborated on the shift in the automotive industry focus combined with the continued integration of high-tech interconnections into traditional vehicles, and future developments could lead to a period when technology vendors Google and Apple could dominate the market. While the word "dominate" can be interpreted in a wide range of ways, we suspect that Ms. Huberty was using the word to either talk about the entire segment, or more likely some of the technology that does exist within the segment, especially infotainment systems and human-machine technology. These two technologies are commonly seen in electric automobiles, especially those that are halo models for their respective brands.

The latter does seem to be more plausible since a recent article that was published by USA Today revealed that Apple's long-talked-about "Project Titan" will most likely not be a full-blown automobile, and instead will most likely be a project that focuses either on an embedded technology or some form of dashboard that could eventually find its way into future automobiles. A portion of this future is already in motion with many automakers choosing to equip their cars with either Google's Android Auto or Apple's Carplay system versus embarking on a costly and resource-intense project to design their own systems.

If Google and Apple can refine their operations and succeed in building a car centered around their smartphone technology, then it could either be a major threat to the traditional automotive industry, or serve as a golden opportunity for the companies to better coordinate their operations with existing automakers to help bring even better technology and innovation to buyers, especially the next generation of buyers that wants more infotainment and smartphone-inspired technology in their automobiles.


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