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Why Doesn't My Car Have a Spare Tire?

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On: Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 7:58AM | By: Clay Ritchings

Why Doesn't My Car Have a Spare Tire?

Car manufacturers are quietly eliminating spare tires from many vehicles—often without notice to the consumer—to reduce weight and increase gas mileage. Buried in the trunk in reduced space once reserved for spare tires is a small tire repair kit can equipped with a gooey sealant that may or may not repair the flat tire.

Makes sense right? Lose the 30 pound spare tire and jack and the MPG savings will just start rolling in. But, according to AAA, the effect on miles per gallon is negligible. For reference, removing that set of golf clubs in your trunk will have the same effect.

In tests, AAA found that the repair kits, which work by applying a sealant on the inside wall of the tire at the site of the puncture and then re-inflating it, work only when a tire is punctured in the tread. In other words, a kit or run-flat may help if you drive over a nail, but if you suffer a blowout, you’re hosed.

While the paltry gas savings might sound good to you now, use the goo to repair a puncture and it may cost the you an additional chunk of change. How much? Consider this, a replacement kit can cost upwards of $100 for a one-time use. Plus, cleaning the sealant from a tire will cost between $50-$80; replacing and resetting the tire pressure monitor can range from $60 to $100.

If you don’t like the idea of buying a car without a spare tire and/or don’t feel comfortable with just a tire-repair kit, what are your options? Without oversimplifying things, it seems like you have several choices: buy an optional spare tire (if it’s available and if you have room in the trunk), buy a different model from the same or another manufacturer that still has a spare tire, or get used to the idea of no spare and learn about the technology.

Not wanting to dis-spare-age the auto makers, the whole situation is enough to drive you to dispair.

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bunny | 7:02PM (Mon, Jan 4, 2016)

I just bought an Acura RDX 2016 and was shocked to learn there was no spare tire. This to me is a very dangerous situation I like to go on road trips and could be in a small country town and have a blow out. What good does a pump do without a tire you can not put air in it. I could be stuck for several days if the blow out occurs during a weekend. Why would a great Company like Acura nickle and dime me over a spare tire could threaten my safety. Acura prides themselves on how safe the car is but fail to provide a spare tire. The cost to me is $450 plus the installation of the tire. Acura should be ashamed of themselves. I fail to realize how nice the Dealership was, I fail to realize how nice some of the features are on the car but instead all I can talk about is NO SPARE TIRE!!! Cooperate needs to reevaluate where they decide to save money....NOT ON MY SAFETY of having a blow out in an area where I am stuck for days.
I can't tell you if I like the car or not all I can tell you is that there is NO SPARE TIRE and I need to spend another $500 plus to rectify this problem.
Shame on Acura for their poor business decisions


meme1 | 6:19AM (Wed, Apr 27, 2016)

If its second hand it could have been used from the previous owners but then some you do need to buy them! which is annoying!

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