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Bentley Bentagya: Queen Elizabeth Buys One, and, Oh Yeah, They're Offering a $170,000 Solid-Gold Breitling Dash Clock

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On: Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 2:49PM | By: Teddy Field

Bentley Bentagya: Queen Elizabeth Buys One, and, Oh Yeah, They're Offering a $170,000 Solid-Gold Breitling Dash Clock

Nobody does automotive luxury quite like Bentley. Mighty German engineering, a factory full of genuine English craftsmen, and diamond-studded price tags. Their 'motorcars' are fit for royalty... which is probably why Queen Elizabeth just ordered their latest creation: the ultra-lux Bentley Bentagya SUV. But if royal patronage isn't quite enough for you, how about opting for a solid-gold Breitling dash clock? (Yes, you read that right.)

Bentley has something called a "Royal Warrant", which essentially means the company gives the British royal family a 'heads-up' before they reveal a new car to the public. Being a celebrated gear-head, Her Majesty test drove a Bentley Bentagya prototype on her vast (50k acre) Balmoral Estate in Scotland, long before it was officially unveiled to us peasants at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The spry 89-year-old is an avid outdoors woman and 4X4 enthusiast (HM was an ambulance driver and mechanic during WWII), and she reportedly flogged the 600hp Bentagya across some pretty rugged terrain. After the private test drive, she was so impressed that she actually ordered one to replace the aging (stripper model) Land Rover Defender that she uses for hunting expeditions and "deer stalking'. Naturally, Bentley reserved serial number '1' for the Royal Bentagya, and Queen Elizabeth will be the first to take delivery sometime next year.

Now for the really interesting part of the story: Bentley knows that if their new ultra-lux SUV is good enough for the Queen of England, then lots of other (really) rich folks will want to buy one too. So to pry even more old-money from those thick wallets, they rang up their friends over at Breitling, and told them to come up with a decadent clock for the dash. The resulting Breitling Mulliner Tourbillion is a truely exquisite timepiece, complete with a solid 18k gold case (available in rose or white), a titanium movement cage, and eight inlaid diamonds on the mother-of-pearl (or black ebony) face. The Tourbillion movement is wound via an electric mechanism that spins the entire clock three times every 15 minutes. This ensures perfect timekeeping, and there's even a little button you can press to make it spin around and impress your passengers.

With a top speed of 187 mph, more fancy options than Rodeo Drive, the Bentley Bentagya is sure to be a luxury off-roader fit for royalty (pun intended). But the out-the-door price is likely to be well above the $230,000 starting price. Especially if you opt for the $170,000 gold clock, and the fine china picnic set.

And no, we don't know if Her Majesty got the fancy clock...

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