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2016 Lexus LX570 gets a new look and lots more tech

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On: Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 9:31AM | By: Teddy Field

2016 Lexus LX570 gets a new look and lots more tech

The 2016 Lexus LX570 is a cross between a big, cushy luxury sedan, and a... mountain goat. This ridiculously capable, leather-lined behemoth sits at the pinnacle of the luxury SUV world, challenged only by the equally capable (and expensive) 2015 Range Rover and 2015 Mercedes G550. And, for 2016, this opulent Off-Road Suite has been given some styling enhancements, along with a raft of tech goodies. Let's check it out...

If you needed to ferry aid workers across the Serengeti, you use a Toyota Land Cruiser. If you needed to traverse the Australian outback, you'd use a Toyota Land Cruiser. If you lived in Dubai and owned lots of oil wells, you'd use a Toyota Land Cruiser to scamper across the desert to check on them. If you lived in Connecticut, and had to traverse the wilds of the country club parking lot, well, you'd drive a Lexus LX 570. Yes, this big Lexus is actually a bling-ified Toyota Land Cruiser, complete with nearly nine inches of ground clearance, and a trick 4WD system that can propel it up/over/through almost anything.

In America, Old Money prefers the subtle capability of the Toyota Land Cruiser. They'll buy one, drive it for 10 years, then pass it onto a family member and buy another one. The Lexus LX 570, on the other hand, is purely 'nouveau riche'. Designed for recently wealthy individuals who like the LX's capabilities, but are more interested in the 'showing off' part. So, for them, Toyota City has given the 2016 Lexus LX 570 a ginormous new front grille, flanked by LED headlights, turn signals, and running lights. Lexus stopped short of offering an illuminated Swarovski crystal Dollar Sign grille insert, which is a missed opportunity really. They could've called it the "NBA Rookie Edition".

On the inside, new money will be particularly impressed by the, ehm, 'new' 12.3" screen at the top of the revised center stack. There's a new 8-speed transmission (because 8 is more than 6). The air conditioning has been renamed "Climate Concierge" (in fairness, it does now adjust the heated/cooled seats to maintain the desired temperature). And since their target demographic apparently can't drive, the 2016 Lexus LX 570 now comes standard with a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection and automatic braking, Lane Departure Alert, Blind-Spot Monitor, Intelligent High Beam, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

The 2016 Lexus LX 570 is one of the most capable full size luxury SUVs on the market today. Too bad they made it look like an evil electric razor...

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