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Newly Assembled Tucker 48 Takes Automotive World By Storm

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On: Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 8:48AM | By: Gary P Garry

Newly Assembled Tucker 48 Takes Automotive World By Storm

Preston Tucker is a very important figure who holds an intriguing place in the history of American automobile manufacturing. When you think about cars that were built in America, the state of Michigan is naturally going to come to mind. Tucker was no exception; he was born just outside of Detroit, the Motor City, in September of 1903

According to automotive lore, young Preston Tucker learned how to drive when he was just 11 years of age. From that time on, he had a passion for motor vehicles. About five years after he first learned to drive, he started repairing and flipping vehicles profitably, and the seeds were permanently planted in his consciousness.

He worked as a police officer as a very young man, and he did so because he wanted to get behind the wheel of the high-performance police vehicles. There was a stint on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company, and he also leased a gas station along with his wife.

Ultimately, he started selling cars for a living, and after a series of different successes, he entered management, and he was ultimately hired by Pierce-Arrow as a sales manager.

Along the way, he developed an interest in racing, and he would regularly make the trek to Indianapolis to see the big race every year. As an ambitious guy he joined forces with an engineer named Harry Miller, and they formed a company together building race cars. One of their first customers was Henry Ford.

In 1947, Tucker started the Tucker Car Corporation, and they produced the Tucker 48 for the following model year. The car is legendary to this day for its innovative design, but the company went out of business the following year. In all, just 51 specimens were created, so this is a very rare car today.

For years, the 51 number was in place, but enthusiasts were aware of the fact that there were some original parts out there. Ultimately, a guy from Indiana named John Schuler put all the pieces together.

It was put on display at the Concours d'Elegance of America a couple of weeks ago, and it will be making the rounds in certain circles. This car is certainly an accomplishment, and it is a testament to the perseverance of a number of different Tucker car enthusiasts who never gave up hope.


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