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2016 Viper ACR - Smiles Abound

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On: Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 4:49PM | By: Lou Ruggieri

2016 Viper ACR - Smiles Abound

We won't lie; when a new car like a Viper comes out we are as giddy as a five-year-old on Christmas morning. Full of enthusiasm and exuberance at the idea of not just something novel, but of the potential it might have to be the best… whatever… car it is. But, that's not where the fun ends. In past years, the idea of, say, a new Corvette, would have us grinning for days and that would be it. But then, a new Z06 would come out—Corvette, but even better! Our little hearts could only beat so fast. Then, as with the C6, the ultimate Vette, a ZR-1 shows up and that would be about all we could take. 

So in order to save our hearts from beating out of our chests, when the latest Viper debuted in 2013, we were giddy—extremely giddy. But, truth be told, we kept at least some of that giddiness in check out of sheer self-preservation because after so many years of following the car scene, we knew something better was already in the works. Lo and behold, the 2016 Viper ACR is going up for sale—and it promises to be awesome.

The ACR (which stands for American Club Racing) treatment takes your "garden variety" Viper and tweaks it into an even more race-ready Porsche-fighting machine. Anything not useful on the track is deleted, with the exception of a very minimalistic stereo system, presumably to get you pumped up for race day or to cheer you up after a long day and realizing you just smoked through about $1000 in rubber in a few hours and still came in fourth because you missed a few shifts. The seats are manual, sound deadening is nonexistent, so you are sure to feel and hear that monstrous 8.4-liter V10 singing to the tune of 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque while you row through its six-speed Tremec TR6060 transmission.

The ACR is a weapon on race day, and comes loaded with an arsenal of tools at its disposal to dispose of anyone silly enough to challenge it. The Extreme Aero package comes with six removable diffuser strakes, hood louvers that can be taken out to lower the air pressure in the wheel wells, a removable front splitter extension, and a massive rear wing that will make every hot-rodded Honda this side of the Pacific Ocean jealous. And unlike those faux race mods, the ACR wing is more than just looks—it is capable of delivering one ton of downforce around the track, and, if properly positioned, looks big enough to actually send the Viper into orbit, but we haven't confirmed that just yet. Despite the barren option list on the ACR, the one bit of real fun that Team Viper provides is that owners can request any color combination they want their new beast to be painted, and Dodge will deliver. So yes, somewhere in the near future we just may see a pink ACR with a lime green racing stripe rocketing down the straightaway at Leguna Seca.

The one thing that does put a damper on all the excitement is the price tag that comes with the new ACR. All in all, you're looking at a starting price of $117,895, which is a considerable sum, but does keep it in the same ballpark as its competitors like the Z06, GT-R, and a Porsche or two. But even though the price maybe a bit of a downer, we don't need to own an ACR to appreciate it, nor do we need to hold the keys to be excited by the thought of one, we just need to know its out there, and we will have a wealth of glee just waiting to be unleashed at the sight of one of these monsters very soon.


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