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Thieves Target Chevy Camaro

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On: Wed, May 27, 2015 at 11:50AM | By: Gary P Garry

Thieves Target Chevy Camaro

There were some rather vague photos circulating a while back that were floated to tease people about the new-look 2016 Camaro. From the look of the pictures, I wasn't especially impressed at the time, and I wrote about it on this blog.

Since then, more photos have been released. At this point, I have to revise my opinion. The car actually looks great when you take a close look at it, and it has created a buzz among American muscle car enthusiasts.

I have a particular interest in the Camaro because I always wanted one when I was a teenager growing up in the 1970s. Like most kids my age, I didn't have the money for my true dream car, so I had to make do. With the help of family members, I did manage to get a 1970 Chevy Impala convertible as my first car in 1977; it was no Camaro, but it was pretty cool in its own right.

General Motors decided to put the legendary Camaro on the shelf for the 2002 model year. It was not produced for eight years, but they wised up and brought the car back for the 2010 model year. Ever since I saw those cars back then, I was hooked. Each year when the new model would come out, I seriously considered taking the plunge, but my practical side won over.

However, last year I finally gave in, and I got myself a silver 2014 Camaro. I love the car, and my only regret is that I didn't get myself a Camaro sooner. You only live once, and life is short, so if you are in a position to really enjoy your time on the road, you probably should take advantage of the opportunity.

The popularity of the Camaro is great for General Motors, but when something is in demand, thieves take notice. Since the Camaro was first introduced for the 1965 model year, nearly a half a million of them have been stolen.

Things were much worse back in the day when anti-theft technology was more or less nonexistent, but there is still a great deal of Camaro theft. Last year, over 2,600 Camaros were stolen. This is an increase over the 2013 figure of 2,283.

This is a wake-up call. Make sure that you do everything possible to protect your ride, because there may be thieves out there who like the car as much as you do.


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