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Retrofitted Bumper Car Can Do 75 on the Highway

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On: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 12:12PM | By: Gary P Garry

Retrofitted Bumper Car Can Do 75 on the Highway

There is something about driving that captures your imagination from an early age. Children naturally imitate things that their elders are doing, but driving is in an entirely different category. When I was a kid, I was mesmerized by the power that my parents had when they were behind the wheel.

They could go anywhere at any time, and I couldn't imagine having that type of freedom. The ability to get around was part of the allure, but the act of driving itself seemed like something that would be incredibly fun.

Like most people, I got my first taste of piloting my own ship when I learned how to ride a bike, and that only intensified the desire to get behind the wheel of a car. But, alas, I was just a little kid, and I had to wait.

My father recognized my early love of cars and driving, and he would let me put the car into gear when I was little. As I recall, it was an oddball transmission on a Chrysler, there were push buttons on the dashboard.

Since I was so infatuated with the notion of driving a car, I was all in when I went anywhere that had bumper cars. I grew up in New Jersey, and there are amusement rides on the boardwalks at the shore, and I also went to various carnivals and fairs over the years. Driving bumper cars was as close as it came to the real thing at the time, and though there were mean older kids who gave me a bit of whiplash, it was still a lot of fun.

When you get older, you sometimes want to relive the memorable good times that you had as a kid. Many people go out and buy classic cars that are similar to cars that they had when they were younger, but a British guy named Tom Evans has taken things a bit further. Apparently, he shared my passion for bumper cars as a kid, so he bought one on eBay.

He wasn't content to just look at it or use it as a planter. Evans retrofitted the bumper car, and he made it street legal. The thing is powered by a 38-horsepower engine, and, according to reports, it can reach a top speed of 75 miles per hour on the open road.

If I ever want to relive my past, I think I will go in a different direction, but you have to admire the guy for his creativity.



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