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Porsche Was the Original Innovator of Hybrid Cars in the Early 1900s!

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On: Sat, May 29, 2010 at 10:47AM | By: Michael Jon Lazar

Porsche Was the Original Innovator of Hybrid Cars in the Early 1900s!

There are a lot of people out there that think that hybrid cars and electric cars are something rather new (myself included here). But in actuality, they have been around for a lot longer than you may have ever thought. Another interesting factoid is that the original maker of the world’s first truly electric cars and hybrids was none other than Porsche. I know that this may be—or may seem—hard to believe at first glance; I sure didn’t think that this was true. But as you read on, I aim to reveal to you my findings. After coming across some rather interesting and eye-opening information on the history of electric cars and hybrids in the United States, I was quite intrigued to learn their moniker. And indeed, as I found out, Porsche was the pioneer of the very first electric cars and hybrids. Here is the kicker, the ice cream sundae-topper and the deal-maker: They were making these hybrid and electric cars way back in the early 1900s!

Before I delve any further into this, it begs to ask one question: If we had this technology for over a hundred years—and then some—why is it only as of late that hybrid cars and ‘green’ cars, like electric and solar-powered cars, are finally making their debuts? One has a good mind to think that the oil companies were not that enchanted at the prospect of losing business, to the tune of trillions of dollars. Because if you really think about how much gas Americans have consumed over the past 100 years or so, that’s quite a pocketful of goodies that have been earned! But if we had only embraced this hybrid technology far earlier, one has a good mind to think that we would be leaps and bounds from where we sit presently—as it relates to the overall technology of these cars, and our precious and fragile, deteriorating environment.

Also, it makes one ponder if we would have been able to avoid terrible and devastating environmental disasters, like the BP Gulf Oil Spill?

An article that was recently published in USA Today offers the real truth behind the history of electric cars and hybrid cars, and their innovation by Porsche in the early 1900s. And after you see what the specs were for this car, you may a bit surprised. Why you ask? Because it really offered some fairly similar technologies to that of those which are currently being used in the present day, but over a century later! Ferdinand Porsche (the founder of the Porsche auto company) was actually thetrue proprietor of ‘green’ technology, a long, long time ago!

According to the USA Today article, “Lohner Porsche cars used electric motors mounted within the wheels. That eliminated the weight and friction of a conventional drivetrain. More important, it was a quiet system at a time internal combustion engines weren't. The motors were powered by batteries aboard the vehicles. Various means were used to recharge them, including a generator system on the vehicle – much like the Chevrolet Volt electric car due late this year.”

A hundred years later, at least we are on the right path to a brighter and ‘green’ future!


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