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Buick Avenir Concept Makes a Splash

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On: Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 1:07PM | By: Gary P Garry

Buick Avenir Concept Makes a Splash

We like to honor the past as we celebrate the present when we identify newsworthy stories within the automotive industry. With this in mind, let's look take a brief walk down memory lane before we get into a futuristic vehicle that is being developed by the Buick division of General Motors.

When you see a Buick driving down the roadways, you may not consider the history behind the company. In reality, Buick has been around for a long, long time, and the company was named after a very real historical figure.

You may be surprised to hear that Buick is the longest standing automobile manufacturer on our continent. The company started out in Detroit, Michigan (where else?) all the way back in 1899. It was originally called the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, and its founder was an industrious man named David Dunbar Buick.

In 1903 the Buick Motor Company was founded, and though the founder ceded control, the company rose to prominence, and it ultimately became part of General Motors when GM was established in 1908.

Though historic General Motors divisions like Pontiac and Oldsmobile have fallen by the wayside, Buick is still in the mix, and the division is making an effort to freshen its offerings. To this end, the stunning Buick Avenir concept was introduced at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, and it surprised many in attendance.

There wasn't much hype before the unveiling, but the car turned a lot of heads. Industry insiders are reporting that the body design is truly magnificent, and it reminds people of classic Buicks like the Riviera, from a stylistic viewpoint, with some decidedly updated twists.

The Riviera was introduced in 1963 as Buick's entry into the "personal luxury car" market, and this is the same niche that the new Avenir is trying to reinvent to some extent.

Though the nod to the past is evident to those who lived it, this car is chock full of the latest technological innovations. There is an infotainment system that can be set up to work in conjunction with your phone, and you can even take a remote look at the cameras that are securing your home.

At the present time, the Buick Avenir is just a concept, and there is no production date on the calendar. However, the early reviews are in, and people in the know seem to be quite enthused with the car. It could be a game changer for the Buick brand if and when it enters the marketplace.



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