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Volkswagen Unveils Golf R Touch Cockpit Concept

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On: Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 2:52PM | By: Carl Malek

Volkswagen Unveils Golf R Touch Cockpit Concept

Volkswagen has taken the veil off of a new concept vehicle that showcases the company's vision of a futuristic cockpit that will add more connectivity and interactivity with drivers than ever before. In addition, it showcases the first viable touch-based concept in a real world vehicle, a system that has so far been a failure in other vehicle applications.

Known formally as the Golf R Touch concept, the showcar previews a brand new touch-based system for operating many controls which increase ergonomics while also reducing button count. Dual cameras continuously monitor the the interior of the concept; the 3D camera feed, when combined with specially designed proximity sensors, allows the driver to control many interior functions via simple hand gestures versus physical interaction with buttons, switches, and knobs. While prior implementations of similar systems have so far received negative reviews from consumers; the systems were either not inuitive or not accurate enough for drivers to use properly. Volkswagen claims that it has found a way to address these problems in a way that makes practical sense in a vehicle.

In an official statement, the company revealed that "The development team of the Golf R Touch pursued the goal of producing an interior and infotainment concept that would fulfill seemingly contradictory requirements. Despite the continually growing complexity and number of functions, this concept was intended to reduce driver distractions while attaining maximum personalization and intuitive operation in the car." Along with the gesture-based controls, occupants can also interact with a big 12.8-inch infotainment touchscreen which features a eight-inch "control center panel" that allows occupants to use touch-based controls for climate and media functions. A multi-touch strip provides even more input to occupants, while a third 12.3-inch instrument display screen rounds out the package and can be easily switched between several different models to suit a wide range of driver tastes. It will be interesting to see if the system is more accurate than solutions already in place on rivals such as Buick and Chrysler, and whether the technology can be reliable enough for long-term use.

Currently, Volkswagen has not revealed whether it has officially confirmed formal production for the Golf R Touch cockpit. Meanwhile, look for the company to continue its push towards adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability to its model lineup which is expected to kick into gear before the end of the year. These two functions would allow users of both Android and Apple phones to connect to their vehicles in a new way and would allow the company to be on par with rivals in this regard.


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